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Our policy work

Our policy work influences government so that people with mental health problems can get support and respect. Find out what we're working on below.

Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act is the law in England and Wales which says when you can be detained (or sectioned) and receive mental health treatment against your will. But it's outdated, and not fit for purpose. We're pushing the government to deliver a reformed Mental Health Act.

Inpatient care

We asked young people to share their experiences of being treated in hospital for mental health problems. In this report, they share their views on how to fix the Mental Health Act and improve inpatient care.

The Mental Health Policy Group

Mind is part of the Mental Health Policy Group, a partnership of 6 organisations working to improve mental health. We represent providers, professionals and people who use mental health services. And we meet with ministers, political stakeholders, and NHS bodies to push for change.

Learn more about the group

Remote mental health services

We've been campaigning for years for more say over how we're treated for our mental health. Now, more than ever, people need choice in how they receive these services. Whether face to face, by phone, online or a combination. 

The NHS long term plan

In 2019, NHS England published its plan for the NHS, setting out how the NHS will meet the increasing demands on services over the next 10 years. The plan identifies mental health services as a priority. Find out what we think of the plan, and how it relates to our work.

Legal aid

Government changes to legal aid in 2012 have disproportionately impacted people with mental health problems. Find out what we're doing about it, and read our research.

Access to talking therapies

Lots of people find talking therapies like counselling and psychotherapy really helpful. But there are still too many people who aren't getting the treatment they need, when they need it.

Conversion 'therapy' ban

LGBTQIA+ people do not need to be 'cured'. Conversion 'therapy' is harmful and can negatively impact a person's mental health. We're calling for a total ban.

The impact of coronavirus on mental health

Our research found that those who were more likely to struggle with their mental health before the pandemic were most affected by coronavirus. Read our research about the impact of coronavirus on mental health.

Crisis care

When people's lives are turned upside down in a mental health crisis, they need help. Urgently. Too many of us are not getting the help and support we need. Excellent crisis care exists. It can save lives. And that's why we need it for everyone.

You and your GP

We want everyone with a mental health problem who visits their GP to get the support that best suits their needs. That's what our primary care work is all about.

Equality and human rights

Equality and human rights are at the heart of all we do. We work to tackle the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems, and to make sure everyone has equal access to good mental health support.

Legal casework

Our legal team supports our policy and campaigns work, works with mental health lawyers, and does casework.

Our work in parliament

MPs are there to represent your views. We try to help them understand what it's like to live with a mental health problem. And how they can make sure everyone is treated fairly, positively and with respect.

Policy reports

We have reports on a range of mental health issues, from crisis care to sport, and prevention to work and benefits.

Read the reports

Sport, physical activity and mental health

With support from Sport England and the National Lottery, we've been helping people with mental health problems get active. Learn more about our work in physical activity.

Side by Side

Our Big Lottery-supported Side by Side programme delivered peer support to over 11,000 people. Learn more about the impact we had.

Women Side by Side

Mind and Agenda, the alliance for women and girls at risk, worked together on a programme of peer support for women. It aimed to increase the availability of high-quality peer support for women.

Other ways to get involved

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