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Your rights – for 11-18 year olds

Information to help you understand your legal rights and how they might relate to mental health.

Why is it important to understand our rights?

We all have rights. When we talk about rights, we mean our rights to:

  • Do things, like be involved in decisions about ourselves
  • Have things, like food, housing and healthcare
  • Be treated in a certain way, like to be protected from abuse

It's important to understand our rights so we can make sure that we're being treated fairly, and that we have the protection and support we deserve.

When you have a mental health problem, it's especially important to understand what rights you have. Our information pages explain the different rights you have and how they relate to your mental health.

Understanding my rights

Information on what your rights are and how they might relate to mental health.

Understanding confidentiality

A guide that explains how and when information about your mental health is kept private.

Advocacy and mental health

A guide that explains advocacy and how advocates can help you to get your voice heard.

Advocating for yourself

A guide that explains self-advocacy and gives tips on how to advocate for yourself.

Being an informal patient

A guide that explains what happens and what your rights are in hospital as an informal patient.​

Being sectioned

A guide that explains what happens and what your rights are when you're sectioned for your mental health.

Treatment and support glossary

Explains words and phrases that you may hear when getting treatment and support for your mental health. Includes legal terms.

Useful contacts

If you need more support, there are lots of organisations you can contact.

Knowing what your rights are is really important, so you can tell someone if you're not getting what you should be.

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