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Over the last few years we've come a long way. But there's still more to be done. The focus of our new strategy is on supporting the people disproportionately affected by mental health issues. People from racialised communities, young people, and people living in poverty.

Find out more about our strategy and what it means for our work on this page.

Our 4 pillars

We connect minds

We bring people together to make change in their communities.

  • We will create more inclusive spaces – locally and nationally – that make it easier for adults and young people with mental health problems to lead our work
  • We will work with partners to share learning and generate new ideas to help address the most complex issues and tackle injustices in the mental health system
  • We will continue to support the peer support movement and provide somewhere safe to give and receive peer support 24/7.

We support minds

We deliver life changing support.

  • We will offer life changing mental health support for marginalised communities - drawing on personal experiences & the best available evidence
  • We will provide an information service for people with mental health problems that helps them to get support, assert their rights, and live their lives fully
  • We will work with employers & schools to create thriving places to work and learn for all – especially those with mental health problems

We change minds

We speak out and demand better from policy makers and the public.

  • We will speak out when things aren’t right and demand mental health support that respects our rights, keeps us safe, and gives us hope – regardless of our background
  • We will campaign for a robust financial safety net that prevents us getting stuck in poverty when we are unwell
  • We will lock in improvements in public attitudes towards mental health – with a focus on the least understood experiences
  • We will use our platform to amplify the people who are too often ignored, so that they can be a powerful force for change – with Mind as a partner

Together, we are Mind

We work together to become a more inclusive and effective federation.

  • We will diversify the groups who engage with Mind by raising money and taking part in our work
  • We will work shoulder-to-shoulder with local Minds to improve the quality and sustainability of their life changing services and local influence
  • We will build a diverse workforce with an anti-racist organisational culture – so we can be a great place to work for all

Our 3 strategic development priorities

Becoming an anti-racist organisation

Our mental health system is stacked against people from racialised communities. They're more likely to experience a mental health problem but less likely to receive the help they need.

We're determined to fight for better mental health for everyone – and to do that we must step up our fight against racism.

Our antiracism work

Supporting young people

The pandemic has sped up a crisis in young people's mental health that was already growing fast.

Our ambition is to become an influential advocate for young people's rights and ensure our work is led by young people.

We know that by working together with young people, we can confront this crisis.

Fighting for people in poverty

People with mental health problems are more likely to end up in poverty. And people who live in poverty are more likely to have mental health problems.

This two-way link between mental health and poverty must be broken down.

On reflection

Mental health is not hidden anymore; it’s on the front pages; it’s on the political agenda; it’s spoken about by royalty. For millions of people, mental health is now something to be honest about – not ashamed of.

The Mind community have been at the heart of this transformation. Together, we’ve shown what mental health really looks like, what support makes it better, and what needs to change.

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