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Corporate partnerships at Mind

Will your company join the fight for mental health? A partnership with Mind demonstrates a commitment to better mental health for everyone.

As well as raising vital funds to support our services and programmes, we will raise mental health awareness and combat stigma amongst your colleagues - furthering workplace wellbeing initiatives and creating a powerful lasting legacy.

We’re proud of our bold strategy. Take a look to see where we're headed and what we aim to achieve in the future.

Use the three links below to explore corporate partnerships at Mind (including how to get in touch) and get inspiration for how we can work together to fight for mental health. For support. For respect. For you.

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Do you think your company could be the perfect fit for a partnership with Mind?

You can get in touch using the web forms below.

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Get in touch about a brand partnership

Please allow up to 10 working days for us to respond.

Why work with Mind

  • Mind is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales
  • We are the experts in mental health and our award-winning partnerships team will support you at every step
  • Mind is the most recognised and loved brand in mental health in the UK*
  • We offer integrated partnerships that have an impact now and create a lasting legacy for Mind and our partners

*Savanta: The 100 Most Loved Charity Brands 2021; YouGov: Charity Brand Index 2020

Corporate partnerships at Mind

Support Mind through your company. Together we can fight for mental health.

Why work with Mind?

1 in 4 of us have mental health problems, but most of us don’t get the help we need. This has to change. Show your customers and employees that you care by joining us in the fight for mental health. Partner with Mind, and make a real difference.

We're the leading mental health charity in England and Wales – and the most loved mental health brand in the UK.

We're experts in delivering impactful partnerships. Our experienced, award-winning team will support you to achieve your goals. 

Through our workplace services and awareness raising, our integrated partnerships have a lasting legacy.

How can companies work with Mind?

There are lots of ways companies can support Mind. Whether you want to partner with us, or do some ad hoc fundraising, choose a way that suits you and your colleagues.

Fundraise for us

Choose Mind as your Charity of the Year. Host events, fundraise at work, take on inspiring challenges, boost company comradery, and increase mental health awareness.

We'll give you activity ideas, fundraising materials and tips for engaging employees.

>Contact us about fundraising with colleagues

Donate as a company

Make a donation on behalf of your organisation.

Your valued donation will help us to fight for mental health. 

You'll help us to power our life-changing information and support services, like our legal line, Infoline and online peer support community.

>Donate to us

Boost your brand

Use the power of both our brands to amplify mental health. Our partners have seen positive impacts on business, uplifts in sales, and increased customer engagement.

Sell a product in aid of Mind, donate a percent of your profits, or collaborate on a campaign.

>Contact us about a brand partnership

Meet your strategic goals

Work with Mind to achieve shared strategic objectives. We can use our networks to create real change, by reaching those most in need of our support.

Your company could fund a specific area of Mind's work, carry out joint activities, and support those affected by mental health problems.

>Contact us about a strategic partnership

Donate a gift in kind to Mind

Gift in kind donations are an invaluable way of supporting Mind. You can donate a gift in kind different ways.

You could donate media space, gift items to our local Minds, or donate stock to our retail shops. We’re always open to discussing your ideas about how your company can support Mind.

>Contact us about gift in kind donations

Share your skills and expertise

Harness your skills for Mind through pro-bono support – providing a professional service for free.

There are lots of ways your colleagues can use their skills, from office-based support like marketing, legal and digital, to on-the-ground support like construction and transportation.

>Share your skills with us

Other ways to work with us

  • Mental health at work – If you're interested in raising mental health awareness in your workplace, our Workplace Wellbeing Team are here to help and support. We have a range of different training courses for companies and employees. 
  • Working with your local Mind – If your company is based in one location, you could support or fundraise for your nearest local Mind. Our network of more than 100 local Minds deliver mental health services in communities across England and Wales. 

How do I become a partner?

Take a look at the options above for the different ways you can work with Mind. Click on the option that appeals to your company the most, and you'll be sent to a quick webform. Simply fill it out, and we'll be in touch!

Who does Mind partner with?

Our wonderful partners are all unique and come from a range of industries. From retail to construction, we've partnered with companies to create bold, long-lasting and impactful relationships. 

See what our partners are up to

Are there any rules for new partners?

With every new partnership, it’s important that we put our mission and our values first. Learn more about Mind’s ethical policy and general partnerships principles, and get answers to your FAQs. 

See our principles for working with partners

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