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Marsh Awards 2022

The Marsh Awards 2022 came back for an 8th round to recognise community-led groups doing amazing peer support in England and Wales. Thanks to the Marsh Charitable Trust, we were able to run 5 categories of awards, to reward 15 outstanding community groups.

In each category, we awarded a star project £1000, and 2 other groups were awarded £500 each. The Marsh Award Ceremony was held at our annual PeerFest event on December 8 at Conway Hall in London.

The Marsh Awards 2022 Categories and Winners

If a group started out from a grassroots level and hasn’t been awarded much funding, or if they had to overcome specific barriers and continue the group despite them, this category recognises that group’s resilience to keep going.

Star Award: Syrian Welsh Society
Commended: Haringey Over 50s Forum, Rain on Me

This category values a creative approach in community work. This includes both artistic work and innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. Groups might run art workshops, have a unique approach to mental health support, or are known to come up with creative solutions when facing challenges. 

Star Award: misery
Commended: Mothers Uncovered, Survivors Of Depression In Transition ( SODiT)

We know that burnout and exhaustion are real problems in community and peer support groups. This category highlights groups that have built in care practices for all levels, from leadership, core teams, to group participants. 

Star Award: Changes Bristol

Commended: Wellbeing Hub and Peer Support at TOG Mind, Missing Peace Wellbeing Support, FYA Peer Support

This category is for groups that build capacity through actively seeking connections and collaborations within and across communities. We're also commending groups who've connected with the environment in conscious ways

Star Award: Trans Sober
Commended: Cardiff New Muslim Club, House of Polish & European Community

This category is reserved for groups led by people under 25. The group has to be by and for young people. This category is so vital as younger people often have less agency in navigating mental health systems and support structures. 

Star Award: Championing Youth Minds
Star Award:
Da'aro Youth

Find out more about our Marsh Awards winners!

As well as visiting their websites, which you can see in the sections above, you can also find out more about our Marsh Awards winners in their own words. 

Watch the videos below to hear all about the value of peer support, the work the groups do, and what difference they make to their communities.

Overcoming Barriers and Small Groups

Star Award: Syrian Welsh Society

Commended: Rain on Me, Haringey Over 50's Forum

Watch: Syrian Welsh Society

Watch: Haringey Over 50s forum

Watch: Rain on Me


Star Award: Misery

Commended: Mothers Uncovered, Survivors of Depression in Transition (SODiT)

Watch: Misery

Watch: Mothers Uncovered

Watch: Survivors Of Depression in Transition (SODiT)

Sustaining Ourselves

Commended: Changes Bristol, Wellbeing Hub and Peer Support at TOG Mind, Missing Peace Wellbeing Support, FYA Peer Support

Watch: Changes Bristol

Watch: Wellbeing Hub and Peer Support at TOG Mind

Watch: FYA Peer Support

In Connection

Star: TransSober

Commended: Cardiff New Muslim Club, House of Polish and European Community

Watch: TransSober

Watch: Cardiff New Muslim Club

Watch: House of Polish and European Community

Young People

Star: Da'aro Youth, Championing Youth Minds

Watch: Da'aro Youth, Championing Youth Minds

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