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The Influence and Participation Toolkit

The Influence and Participation Toolkit has been developed by Mind, but it is recognised as a valuable resource for anyone whose organisation or workplace wants to engage with people with mental health problems in a meaningful way. It is available publicly and anyone can use it. Its aim is to enable you to meaningfully involve people with lived experience in the development of your work and organisation. We encourage you to use the templates and tools included as well as creating your own to support your work.


This section of the toolkit explains what this means, tells you how the toolkit was developed and how it can be used.


This section explains why ensuring meaningful involvement of people with lived experience is important including the benefits to your organisation and those taking part.


It is essential to plan people’s participation effectively and use methods suitable for the outcome you are hoping to achieve. This section guides you through this, including information on planning, methods and giving feedback.

Overcoming challenges

Challenges often become barriers, in this section we have explored some of the most common and provide information on how you can overcome these.

Tools case studies and other resources

In this section you’ll find all the tools and case studies mentioned in the toolkit in one place. Links to external resources are also listed making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

Leave us your feedback

Have you found the toolkit helpful? What work has it supported you with? Or what hasn’t worked? Please leave your feedback so that we can continue to develop and improve.

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