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Workplace Wellbeing Index

Our Workplace Wellbeing Index is a benchmark of best practice and policy. It celebrates the good work employers are doing to promote positive mental health in the workplace. It also makes recommendations on the areas where there's room to improve.

How does the Workplace Wellbeing Index work?

Step 1: Speak to the team

Head to the workplace wellbeing marketplace to book an appointment. If the Index is right for you we'll guide you through the process and help you to get ready.

Step 2: You take part in staff and employer surveys

This helps us assess where the gaps lie between your organisation's approach to workplace wellbeing and what your staff think.

Step 3: We give you an assessment report

This report gives you an analysis of your survey results. It highlights what you're doing well and tells you where you can improve.

Step 4: You get your Index ranking

And celebrate the good work you're doing to promote workplace wellbeing. Find out more about our Workplace Wellbeing Awards.

You'll be supported throughout the process

We'll give you the tools and resources you need and you'll have access to a dedicated account manager.

To take part you need a minimum of 20 employees. This is to protect the anonymity of your staff.

How much does it cost to take part in the Index?

Taking part in the Index costs from £3,000 plus VAT for small organisations. For a full price list, head to our Workplace Wellbeing Marketplace.

Want more information on the Workplace Wellbeing Index?

Go to marketplace

Why take part in the Workplace Wellbeing Index?

Every employer depends on having healthy and productive employees. Your business is more likely to succeed if your employees feel valued and supported.

If you want to attract and keep committed employees, it's important to prioritise the mental health of your staff.

Taking part in our Index will enable your organisation to:

  • Get recognised for your organisation's commitment to workplace wellbeing
  • Find out how your employees feel about how you support their mental health
  • Gain an in depth understanding of your organisation's approach to workplace mental health
  • Gain the data you need to make evidence-based decisions on what to prioritise next
  • Share and access best practice learning from other employers taking part
  • Receive recommendations based on your results to help you plan and prioritise

Hear from Index participants

Listen to participants talking about why they took part in the Index.

In this video you’ll hear from Paul Farmer, our former Chief Executive. You’ll then hear from Justine Forster from Advocacy Focus, Paul Farmer again, Richard Davis from Bam Nuttall, Justine Forster again and Sarah Stevenson from the Environment Agency. Paul Farmer concludes the video.

Workplace Wellbeing Awards 

Each year we celebrate the achievements of our Index participants at our Workplace Wellbeing Awards. 

These awards recognise:

  • The top performing organisations
  • Every Index employer taking action to prioritise mental health in their workplace

Read about this year's winners

Read our Index Insight reports from 2021/22

These reports look at the impact of workplace culture and engagement on:

  • Wellbeing
  • The promotion of workplace wellbeing
  • Building awareness, knowledge, and skills
  • People management
  • Employee support tools.

>Read the Index Insights report in English

>Read the Index Insights report in Welsh

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