Our local Mind network

Our network of local Minds deliver mental health services in England and Wales. You can find out if there is a local Mind where you live by searching our map.

Working together

Our unique and successful network of around 135 local Minds is fundamental to everything we do.

We work together in partnership to deliver excellent mental health services to anyone who needs them.

Our network

Our reach

In Wales

Local Mind services

Each local Mind is unique. They understand the needs of their community and they tailor their services to match. Services include talking therapies, peer support, advocacy, crisis care, employment and housing support.

As well as delivering services local Minds work to further our mission.

They also:

  • get involved in planning local mental health services
  • campaign on local mental health issues and join in with our national campaigns
  • help to change attitudes towards mental health in their area.

After meeting other people with mental health problems I realised I wasn’t on my own. Because of the staff I have a lot more hope for the future.




Local Mind funding

Local Minds are responsible for their own funding. They are funded by donations, grants and income from services they deliver on behalf of local councils, the NHS and private organisations.  Some local Minds also receive funding from Mind through a grant fund, which local Minds can apply to annually. Most local Minds provide services to people free of charge, but some may charge a small fee. You can raise money for your local Mind by contacting them directly.

Local Mind safety

We assess the quality of all our local Minds with a programme that's endorsed by the Charity Commission. We measure their quality to make sure they are safe and well run organisations. We help our local Minds to be the best they can be. If an organisation can't meet our standards we stop working with them and they stop trading as Mind.

Local Mind feedback

Our local Minds like to hear your feedback, good and bad. They are independent charities and deal with their own comments and complaints. If you have a complaint, or a compliment, please contact the local Mind it refers to. If you have any feedback about Mind, please follow our national Complaints, compliments and feedback policy.

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