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Our work in Parliament

With the recent election bringing in a number of new MPs into Parliament, the political landscape has dramatically changed. We have been welcoming new and returning MPs with our briefing, 'Press play on mental health: Making the changes your constituents want to see' (Welsh version here), which introduces them to our main policy areas. In this document we set out our priorities for change in the coming years, as well as the actions that MPs can take to help improve the experiences of all of us living with a mental health problem.

Mental health is one of the biggest domestic issues facing the new UK Government and Parliament. More people than ever are speaking out and demanding change, and as a nation our expectations for better mental health are higher than ever. It is vital that the new UK Government and Parliament put mental health at the very heart of its agenda and press play on mental health.

Making sure your voice is heard

MPs are there to represent your views. They make decisions on all sorts of issues; from the health care we receive to the taxes we pay.

We try to help them understand what it's like to live with a mental health problem, and how they can help make sure everyone who does is treated fairly, positively and with respect.

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Laws and debates in Parliament

Mind informs debate and legislation in the UK Parliament that affects people with mental health problems. Find out what laws and debates we're briefing MPs on.

Find out more about laws and debates

Mental health guide for MPs

Together with Rethink Mental Illness and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, we produced a booklet which sets out practical ways for MPs and staffers to support constituents with mental health problems.

Read our mental health guide for MPs

Six priorities for our new PM

Mental health is too important to get lost among all the other pressing issues facing the country. Louise from our Campaigns team asks the next prime minister to deliver on promises and put mental health at the heart of government policies.

Read Louise's blog

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