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The impact of coronavirus on mental health

Our research found that those who were more likely to struggle with their mental health before the pandemic were most affected by coronavirus.

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What we found in our coronavirus research

Following on from research we did in 2020, we launched a survey in April 2021 to find out how people with mental health problems were coping.

We heard from almost 12,000 people across England and Wales. We found:

  • Around a third of adults and young people said their mental health has got much worse since March 2020.
  • 58% of people receiving benefits said their mental health was poor.
  • 88% of young people said loneliness made their mental health worse during the pandemic.
  • 1 in 5 adults did not seek support during the pandemic because they didn’t think their problem was serious enough.

"Since March 2020 my mental health deteriorated and by the end of 2020 I was at breaking point once again."

Read the reports

Our reports about coronavirus look at the impact of the pandemic for people in England and Wales:

"What we've been through is massive, and it's OK to give yourself time to deal with how you're feeling."

Watch this video to hear from Anisah, Maccartney and Blake about their experiences during coronavirus.

First you'll hear from Anisah. Next you'll hear Blake, who found the change in his support during the pandemic made it difficult for him to cope. Finally you'll hear from Maccartney, who shares how he coped by reaching out for help.

Where to get support

If you need non-urgent information about mental health support and services, there are a few things you can do.


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