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Mind's legal team

In addition to supporting Mind's policy and campaigning work generally, Mind's legal team:

  • offers information and general advice through our Legal Line on the law in our key areas:
    • mental health
    • mental capacity
    • community care
    • human rights
    • discrimination related to mental health
  • represents Mind in judicial review claims or interventions
  • writes a quarterly legal newsletter.

Our casework

We do not represent individuals bringing claims or applications in any court or tribunal. This is because we do not have a legal aid contract or funding arrangements in place that would allow us to do this. We think our helplines and interventions are the best use of our resources.

If you need information on one of the areas above you can contact our Legal Line on 0300 466 6463.

If you need a solicitor, details of where to seek specialist advice can be obtained from either the Law Society or Civil Legal Advice. You could also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or there may be a Law Centre in your area that could help.

If you have a case in court, we may be able to support your claim by intervening or providing evidence. We support cases where:

  • they might lead to significant change in the law
  • we have relevant evidence to bring
  • we have the expertise and resource.

If you think you have a case that we may be interested in please contact us at [email protected]. We will need to see relevant court papers, particularly the grounds of claim and defence.

Things we're looking into

Here are some of the legal issues we are working on at the moment. We would love to hear from anyone with experience of these problems and we may be able to help you get legal advice. Please feel free to contact us if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have been denied insurance or charged a high premium because of your mental health.
  • You have been given a financial penalty because your child is unable to attend school because of their mental health.
  • Your child is not being provided with suitable education while absent from school because of their mental health.
  • You have been pressured to educate your child at home because of their mental health problems.
  • You have been refused social housing because of your mental health.
  • You are waiting for a benefits Work Capability Assessment and have been given an inappropriate claimant commitment.

Legal newsletter

Our legal newsletter provides updates on important cases and policy developments. You can read our updates on our legal news page, and if you would like to subscribe you can fill in our sign up form or email [email protected].

Other ways to get involved

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