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Virtual fundraising ideas

The outbreak of coronavirus is affecting all our lives in lots of different ways. If your fundraising plans have been postponed or cancelled, we've put together a selection of ideas for virtual fundraising that you can do from home instead.

Thank you for your continued support helping us provide life-saving information and advice for everyone experiencing a mental health problem.

Our virtual fundraising ideas are based around the five ways to wellbeing.

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Information on collection tins and buckets

We currently do not advise that our supporters hold fundraising events that involve collecting physical cash. As we are currently not working from our London and Cardiff offices and due to risk of infection of COVID-19 through cash handling, we will not be able to send out, or receive any collection tins or buckets until further notice.


With many of us in isolation and with social distancing strongly advised, it is important that we stay connected with our network of family, friends or colleagues.

We'd love to hear from you if you try any of these ideas out. Share them with us on social media.

Stream for Mind

For lots of us, playing games and watching streams is how we relax, socialise and even find support. We know the streaming community is a great place to connect with people across the world. Get more resources to do your own streaming event for Mind through Stream for Mind.

Virtual pub quiz

Use Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to hold a virtual pub quiz. Set up a JustGiving page and ask your guests to make a donation to take part.

Virtual murder mystery

This can be a great idea to have fun with your workmates, friends and family. You can host it on a livestream platform or on Zoom. Start the game by explaining how it works and the rules around it. Create a JustGiving page and ask people for donations. If the event is opened to anyone you can ask people to help you promote your event.

Be active

Regular physical activity doesn't have to be outside for you to feel the benefits to your wellbeing.


Virtual physical activity

Lead an online class through Facebook Live or Instagram Live. It could be yoga, pilates or old school aerobics. Set up a JustGiving page and ask for a donation to Mind for friends to attend.

Virtual dance parties or music Festivals

It could be a dance lesson, a dance party with your friends or a Christmas party. One person makes a playlist and can share their audio over Zoom or other platforms where you can host a livestream event.

Who said Festivals can only be in the summer? We can now host online Festivals from our rooms and if you love Christmas songs, you could organise a Christmas Carol or Christmas music Festival.

To fundraise you can open a JustGiving page and share the link to ask people who attend to donate. It’s easy and quick.

Santa Run or Walk

Spread some Christmas cheer by challenging family and friends around the country to pull on a Santa hat and run or walk a festive 5k. If you use Strava, you can link your account to your JustGiving page so your sponsors can see your achievements. Why not try drawing a Christmassy shape with your running route?

Take notice

Even at this difficult time you can still take some time to enjoy the moment and the environment around you.

Ebay your clutter away

Now is a good opportunity to declutter, and working through your possessions is a chance to remember memories associated with them. Sell your clutter on Ebay, or go to a website like Music Magpie, which will give you cash in return for your old CDs and DVDs. Donate the money you make to Mind.

Online gig

If you have a musical talent, take it online to a virtual gig through Facebook or Instagram live. Set up a JustGiving page so that those who join your gig can make a donation. Listening to live music is also a great way for others to take notice.

Decorate the space around you

Decorate your room or living room with your favourite lights or art creations and why not organise a competition with your friends on who has the best decorations? Ask for donations to share your skills and have fun!


Learning something new has been strongly associated with higher levels of wellbeing.

Online tutorials

Share your skills with others through online tutorials. You could do cooking, a foreign language or flower arranging. Or why not hosting a decoration or lantern making workshops around Di-wali, Hanukkah time or Christmas time?
Ask for a donation in exchange for sharing your skills, which can be donated on your JustGiving page.

Virtual book club

Take your book club online or set up your own online book club. Donate the money that you would've spent on drinks and snacks to Mind. When you're done with your books, use Ziffit to de-clutter your bookshelf and they'll make a donation to Mind for you.


Research into actions that promote happiness has shown that committing an act of kindness once a week, over a six-week period, is associated with an increase in wellbeing.

Birthday Fundraiser

Creating a birthday fundraiser is a fantastic way to give back to a cause you're passionate about on your special day. Staying at home and self-isolating mean social gatherings and parties are on hold, but you could ask them to donate to Mind instead. Encourage friends and family members to forgo birthday gifts and donate to your birthday fundraiser by setting up a Just Giving page for Mind or you find us on Facebook. 

Baking competitions or a bake sale

Why not set a baking goal to motivate your friends, family and workmates to get baking? You could see who is able to make the most cookies in six hours (you can choose a different timeframe), or set a goal of making a certain number of cookies. You could sell what you've baked to raise money, or ask every participant to donate to take part.

Virtual collection and donations

Bucket collections aren't possible right now, but did you know you can collect online too? Set up a JustGiving page for Mind, personalise it with your reasons for supporting Mind and share the link with your friends and family. JustGiving lets you see your total as you collect and how close you are towards your target. If you are able to, you could also consider donating the money you are saving on travel or other expenses.

Getting started

It's really easy to set up your virtual fundraising event. Just follow these three simple steps.

Choose a platform

There are lots of different apps you can use to stream or record your event, including Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, Zoom and Instagram Live. Just download your favourite app and get ready to press record.

Start fundraising

Setting up a JustGiving page is really quick and easy. Once your page is set up, share the link for friends and family to buy a virtual ticket to your gig or sponsor your steps challenge and their donations will come straight to Mind.

Spread the word

Set a date and time for your event and use social media to invite everyone you know. Don't forget to share the link to your JustGiving page!

Other ways to get involved

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