Our campaign on benefits

Support from benefits can give people help to live with independence and dignity.

However, many of you have told us that you aren’t getting the support you need or being treated fairly and with respect, because of a lack of understanding about mental health and negative stereotypes of people on benefits.

That is why we are campaigning for a fairer benefits system that better understands and supports you. We need your help to make this ambition a reality.

Below you will find information about the different issues we campaign on. Each section will explain our ongoing work as well as give you a chance to get involved and help us campaign for change. You will also find information on where you can find help and support as well as links to our most recent news stories.



"People should be nurtured through a situation when they're not feeling well instead of having to battle"

The issues we campaign on

The welfare system is constantly changing and we know there's a long way to go until it works for people with mental health problems. Below you can find out more about some of the things we’re campaigning on at the moment.


We want to see the right support available when anyone with a mental health problem wants help to stay in their job or return to work after an absence.

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The threat of having your benefits stopped when you’re too unwell to work can be incredibly damaging. We want Jobcentres to be there for support, not sanctions.

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The Work Capability Assessment isn’t fit for purpose. We’re pushing for a change to the way people with mental health problems are assessed for out of work benefits.

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Personal Independence Payment is replacing Disability Living Allowance. We’re concerned about what that means for people with mental health problems.

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Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new single benefit payment replacing several benefits. But the way it’s been rolled out is causing real problems for many people with mental health problems.

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Policy briefings

Our briefings for policymakers set out the changes to welfare and employment support that could make a real difference for people with mental health problems.

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Campaign with us

Become a Mind campaigner today. You'll be supported to speak out and take action on our campaigns.

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Get support

Read our suggestions of where to get support with your benefits claim, complaint or appeal.

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Mental Health A-Z

Information and advice on a huge range of mental health topics

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Helping you to better understand and support people with mental health problems

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