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Improving Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Find out how we're fighting to improve PIP for people with mental health problems, and learn how you can help us.

What we're fighting for

For many of us, mental health problems mean we need extra support to work, see friends and family, and live our lives.

That's why benefits like Personal Independence Payment (PIP) can make such a difference. Getting financial support means we can afford to live our lives in a safe and healthy way.

But PIP isn't working. People should be treated with dignity and respect when they go for a benefits assessment. And that's not happening. 

We want the government to make 5 key changes to the benefits system. These changes will help make sure we're treated with respect and dignity when dealing with benefits.

  1. An independent regulator for the benefits system. There's currently an imbalance of power. This makes it hard for us to challenge inaccurate benefits decisions. A regulator would help shift this balance.

  2. A clearer route to long-term benefits. Making it easier to get awarded long-term benefits would reduce the burden of repeated assessments.

  3. Give people more choice in how they're assessed. This would make sure that all disabled people have the chance to put their case across in a way that's fair to them. 

  4. An independent commission led by disabled people. This would give people who have experience of the system a role in designing the future of assessments.

  5. An end to benefit sanctions for disabled people. For people who can't work, this would give them the financial security and peace of mind they need to stay well and move forward with their lives.

People's experiences with PIP

"My assessment was with a physiotherapist who was visibly uncomfortable with the details of my self-harming and experiences. It was awful."

"The money I receive isn't just to help me manage my illness. It is much more than that to me. It enabled me to feel like I was living as 'normal' a life as possible."

"I feel the questions asked were mainly about physical problems, so someone with a mental health problem would struggle to meet the criteria."

How you can get involved

Sign up to be a campaigner with Mind, and you'll be the first to hear about campaigns we have running, petitions you can sign, and other ways you can get involved with improving the mental health system.

There are lots of ways you can support as a campaigner. Whether that's writing to your MP,  signing petitions, or speaking to us about your experiences of mental health.

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Where to get support with PIP

Read our suggestions for where to get support with your benefits claims, how to make a complaint, and how to appeal.

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Other ways to get involved

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