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Our benefits campaigns

The benefits system isn't working for people with mental health problems. Find out what changes we're demanding, and see how you can get involved.

What we're fighting for

Benefits can help those of us with a mental health problem to live with independence and dignity.

But you've told us that you aren't getting the support you need from benefits. And you're not being treated fairly, and with respect. 

We spoke to hundreds of people with mental health problems, to find out what changes they'd like to see to the benefits system. 

We have 5 simple demands for the UK government. These demands would make sure people are treated with respect and dignity when they're on benefits.

Our 5 demands for the government

  1. An independent regulator for the benefits system. There's currently an imbalance of power. This makes it hard for us to challenge inaccurate benefits decisions. A regulator would help shift this balance.

  2. A clearer route to long-term benefits. Making it easier to get awarded long-term benefits would reduce the burden of repeated assessments.

  3. Give people more choice in how they're assessed. This would make sure that all disabled people have the chance to put their case across in a way that's fair to them. 

  4. An independent commission led by disabled people. This would enable people who have experience of the system to help design a better system in future.

  5. An end to benefit sanctions for disabled people. For people who can't work, this would give them the financial security and peace of mind they need to stay well.

Read our report, People Not Tick Boxes, to learn more about these changes, and what the government must do to make them a reality.

Read the report

Benefits issues we campaign on

The welfare system is constantly changing and we know there's a long way to go until it works for people with mental health problems.

Below you can find out about some of the things we're campaigning on at the moment.


People with mental health problems should have proper support to stay in their job or return to work after being off unwell.

> More on back-to-work


The fear of having your benefits stopped when you're ill can be terrifying. Jobcentres should support, not sanction.

> More about sanctions


We're concerned about how Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is working for people with mental health problems.

>More about PIP

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is replacing several old benefits. But the way it's been rolled out is causing real problems for many people with mental health problems.

>More about Universal Credit


The government needs to make urgent changes to the benefits assessments system. And people with lived experience must be at the heart of this work.

> More on benefits assessments

Help through Hardship

Help through Hardship is our campaign with Citizens Advice and the Trussell Trust. Together, we're tackling the causes of hardship and poverty.

> See the campaign

How you can get involved

Have you been through the benefits system? Were you treated with respect, and dignity? Would you have liked your experience to be different?

Become a campaigner with Mind, and you can help make sure other people's experiences are different. That they're listened to, and respected.

When you sign up to be a campaigner, you'll be the first to hear about campaigns we have running, petitions you can sign, and other ways you can get involved with improving the benefits system.

Become a campaigner

Where to get benefits support

Going through the benefits system can be tough. Especially when you're dealing with your mental health. But there are organisations out there that can help.

Local Minds

Some Local Minds offer benefits advice services, advocacy, and money support services.

>Find a local mind near you 

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice has info on issues like PIP, ESA, Universal Credit and sanctions.

>Go to Citizens Advice 


Rethink Mental Illness have some helpful factsheets and information on mental health and benefits. 

> Visit Rethink 


The Turn2Us website has an A-Z of benefits, a benefits calculator, and information about grants you might be eligible for.

> Visit Turn2Us

The government website has information about the benefits you might be entitled to and how to start a claim.

>Go to 


Go to the Department for Work and Pensions for complaints about Jobcentre Plus, Universal Credit, and other benefit issues.

>Complain to the DWP

Health assessments advisory service

Visit the health assessments advisory service to complain about a Work Capability Assessment.

>Make a complaint


Capita has information on frequently asked questions about Personal Independence Payment assessments.

>Go to Capita

Independent Assessment Services (Atos)

Make a complaint to Atos about your PIP assessment if you live in Scotland or England.

> Visit Atos

Policy briefings about benefits

Every year, we hear from thousands of people with mental health problems about their experiences of the benefits system. We write policy briefings based on what they tell us. We have briefings about:

  • Reforms we want to see to the benefits system
  • Universal Credit
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Sanctions
  • Looking for work and returning to work
  • Benefits assessments and work capability assessments
  • Benefits and covid-19

Read the briefings

Other ways to get involved

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