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Sanctions and mental health

We know that when you're out of work because of a mental health problem, the fear of being sanctioned can be a real source of anxiety. People tell us that even when they've not received a sanction, that anxiety often makes their mental health worse and makes it harder for them to trust Jobcentre staff. We're pushing for a system that offers people with mental health problems choice and control about support to return to work - without the threat of sanctions.

Your stories

"Sanctions heaped on the pressure and made my mind more muddled and less able to cope with day to day activities as well as job hunting."

"I've always been frightened when I have been asked to attend Jobcentre for a meeting or assessment, you don't know if the person you are seeing will believe you. I even get scared when I get a brown envelope through the post."

"It made me not trust the Jobcentre staff and not want to tell them anything. I was also more worried about going to the Jobcentre in case I had done something wrong without knowing."

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Our briefings for policymakers set out the changes to welfare and employment support that could make a real difference for people with mental health problems.

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