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Universal Credit

From the online system to how and when payments are made, the way Universal Credit is being delivered has left many people with mental health problems struggling.

Universal Credit is a new single, monthly benefit payment being introduced by the Government to replace several benefits including those that support people who are too unwell to work.

However, the way it's been rolled out has already caused real problems for many people with mental health problems. For some the impact of going without financial support has been devastating.

We've heard from many of our Local Minds and campaigners that people are really struggling with the process. From the online system to how and when payments are made, it is leaving people vulnerable to debt and making their mental health worse.

Even research from the Department for Work and Pensions shows that there are many issues with Universal Credit that need resolving. They found, of people with long-term health conditions:

  • 24% could not register a claim online
  • 53% said they needed more support setting up their claim and 38% said they needed more ongoing support
  • 50% were in financial difficulties compared to 33% of people in general.

The Government has a responsibility to those of us with mental health problems that it's trying to support. They need to listen to the experiences of real people and fix the issues that are being raised.

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The story so far

We have been urging Government to fix these issues and to not start moving more people onto Universal Credit until they are ironed out. And we're not the only ones. The National Audit Office produced a damning report which highlighted many of the same issues.

Sophie Corlett, our Director of External Relations, has also given evidence to the Public Accounts Committee.Take a look at what she had to say.

You can see the full video on Parliament TV.

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The next stage

The new proposals for the move of the remaining people to Universal credit are troubling. We're asking government to change these plans.

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We know that applying for benefits and navigating the system can be a stressful and difficult process. We've put together some useful sources of advice and information.

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