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Peer support in your community: a toolkit 

This toolkit is for people interested in mental health peer support in the community. This includes people who are:

  • Supporting people through peer support
  • Being supported through peer support
  • Setting up a peer support group or project
  • Involved in commissioning peer support projects


To get started with this toolkit, check out our introduction. You'll learn how the toolkit was developed, who it's for, what it covers and how to use it.

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Understanding the types of peer support

Click on the button below to learn what the different types of peer support are.

Discover the types of peer support


Check out our activities to help you set up and manage your group. We have activities on how to set ground rules, mapping out what resources you'll need, and deciding how you'll interact with each other.

See the activities

Core values of peer support

There are 6 core values in peer support. Find out what they mean, why they're important, and what they look like in practice.

Setting up peer support

We have 4 resources on how to set up or refresh a peer support group. Check them out below.

Focus of peer support

Learn how to set the focus of your peer support group, and the different kind of focuses a peer support group can have.

Leadership and facilitation

Read about the different ways you might want to lead your peer support group, and see our information on leadership training.

Types of membership

Learn the different types of membership you can have in a peer support group, and read the decisions you'll have to make around membership.

Types of support your group might need

Explore the different types of support your group might need - including practical support, training, and making the group a safe space.

Challenges with keeping your peer support going

There are 4 main challenges you might face which can make it hard to keep peer support going. Read what these are, and how you might overcome them.

See the challenges

Networking with other groups 

Learn what networking means in a peer support context, and how this can help your group.

Support for groups

Learn about the support you could get for your peer support group, and how to set this up.

Networking in remote spaces

Learn how to network remotely in peer support, and find a method which works for you.

Peer leadership

Read our tips on being a good peer leader, and see what key qualities a good peer leader needs.

Power and privilege

Learn what it means to have power and privilege in peer support. And read our tips on valuing group members' voices.

Sustaining peer leadership

Find out how you can support the leader of your peer support group, and read our tips on taking care of yourself as a leader.

Other ways to keep your peer support going

Maintaining membership

Learn how to maintain a good group relationship and how to make sure people feel included.

Working with your group

Learn how to create a group agreement or ground rules for a peer support group.

Understand your impact

Learn how to evaluate your peer support group, so you can see what impact it's having on group members' lives.

Supporting yourself and each other

Read our tips on how to support other people in your peer support group, and how to ask for support yourself.

Advice for funders

If you currently fund, or you're thinking of funding a peer support group, check out our tips for commissioning effectively.

See our lessons for funders

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