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Free resources to support staff mental health

On this page, you'll find free resources to help support your staff's mental wellbeing. 

Resources for managers and HR professionals

Managers' guide to mental health

This guide from the CIPD gives managers the tools to confidently support employee mental health. What's included:

  • How to spot signs of stress
  • Encouraging people to talk about their mental health
  • Supporting people to return to work

Thriving at Work standards

This report recommends 6 core standards which lay the foundations for a mentally healthy workplace. What's included:

  • How to implement the 6 standards at your work
  • Tips for improving recruitment
  • A checklist for managers to follow

Intro to mentally healthy workplaces

This guide explains the relationship between good employee mental health and getting the best out of your staff. What's included:

  • Creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • The benefits of mental health policies
  • Mentally healthy workplace checklist

Taking stock of mental health in your workplace

This guides provides practical advice on how to collect vital information about your employees' wellbeing in a joined-up way. What's included:

  • The key factors which affect mental wellbeing
  • Collecting information about mental wellbeing
  • Building temperature checks into a team culture

Supporting staff with mental health problems

This resource explains how line managers and HR professionals can support their staff's mental health and wellbeing. What's included:

  • Creating an open culture at work
  • Having supportive mental health conversations
  • Managing an employee’s time off sick and their return to work

Tackling the causes of mental health problems

This guide sets out simple, practical and inexpensive steps that line managers and HR teams can take to promote wellbeing. What's included:

  • How to encourage dialogue, feedback and engagement
  • Tackling the causes of mental health issues
  • Top tips for line managers and HR colleagues

Resources for employees

Wellness Action Plans

A Wellness Action Plan is an easy, practical way of helping you support you and your team's mental health. What's included:

  • Tips for staying well at work
  • Planning templates for how to stay well at work
  • A guide to using a Wellness Action Plan

How to manage stress at work

This information explains how stress can affect you and provides strategies for coping with stress. What's included:

  • What causes stress?
  • What are the signs of stress?
  • How to deal with pressure
  • Building emotional resilience

Being mentally healthy at work

Our online information details how to stay well at work, how to cope with stress, and where to get support. What's included:

  • Returning to work after time off unwell
  • Managing difficult work relationships
  • Telling people at work about your mental health

Resources for specific sectors

Guide for the higher education sector

Working with universities, we've developed practical guidance about implementing mental health standards for the higher education sector. What's included:

  • Involving staff in mental health at work plans
  • Case studies from different universities

Guide for the sport and physical activity sector

A guide for employers in the sport and physical activity sector on how to implement 6 standards for improving mental health at work. What's included:

  • The picture of mental health in elite sport
  • Building a mental health at work plan
  • A checklist for managers and coaches

Resources for businesses

Guide for small businesses

Together with the Federation of Small Businesses we've created this guide for managing mental health. What's included:

  • Spotting the signs of poor mental health
  • A checklist for mental health conversations
  • Making workplace adjustments

Why mental health at work matters

This collection of essays from senior business leaders explains why they view mental health as a business priority. What's included:

  • Examples on how organisations are supporting staff mental health
  • Contributions from Facebook UK, HSBC, Comic Relief and KPMG

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