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We have produced a series of free resources to help improve mental wellbeing in your workplace which you can read online or download.

How to implement the Thriving at Work standards in your workplace

In January 2017 the Prime Minister appointed Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer to conduct an independent review into how employers can better support all employees including those with poor mental health or wellbeing to remain in and thrive at work. The report made key recommendations for all employers to adopt six ‘mental health core standards’ that lay the basic foundations for an approach to workplace mental health. Our guide will help you implement these standards in your workplace.


Getting ahead: Why mental health at work matters

Together with the Mayor of London's office, we produced a compelling new report, Getting ahead: Why mental health at work matters. The report is a collection of perspectives from senior business leaders across London's private, public and voluntary sectors, detailing why they view mental health as a business priority and a strategic leadership issue. The collection also includes practical examples on what organisations are doing to support the mental health of their staff, with contributions from Facebook UK, HSBC, Comic Relief and KPMG.


An introduction to mentally healthy workplaces

The first resource in our series, 'An introduction to mentally healthy workplaces' helps you to understand the relationship between good employee mental health and getting the best out of your staff. It will help you to start thinking about what you already do to support mental health in your workplace, what impact this has and how to build on it.


How to support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem

A resource for line managers and HR professionals which details how organisations can support staff at every stage of the mental health spectrum – whether they’re stressed or have a diagnosed mental health condition. The approaches in the guide are universal principles designed to support a diverse range of people across a range of workplaces.


How to promote wellbeing and tackle the causes of work-related mental health problems

'How to promote wellbeing and tackle the causes of work-related mental health problems' sets out simple, practical and inexpensive steps that line managers and HR teams can take. It is designed to help you create a more open and supportive culture, improve mental wellbeing for all staff, and boost employee engagement.


How to take stock of mental health in your workplace

A resource for line managers and HR professionals: 'How to take stock of mental health in your workplace', provides practical advice on how to collect vital information about your employees’ wellbeing in a joined-up and comprehensive way.


Guide for small businesses

In partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses we've also created a guide for small businesses with advice on managing mental health and supporting staff.


Managing and supporting mental health at work

Together with the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) we have produced 'Managing and supporting mental health at work a guide for employers to help them manage employees’ mental health positively and sensitively.


How to be mentally healthy at work

Our guide, 'How to be mentally healthy at work' details how to stay well at work, whether you're returning to the world of work after time away, are experiencing work stress, or trying to maintain a healthy working life.


How to manage stress at work

Our guide, 'How to manage stress' is for anyone who wants to know how to deal with stress and how to learn to relax. It explains when and how stress can be bad for you, and provides helpful strategies for dealing with it and where to go for further help.

Questions from line managers

Our expert panel's answers to the most commonly asked questions from line managers about supporting employees with a mental health problem.

Questions from HR professionals

Our expert panel's answers to the most commonly asked questions from HR professionals about policies for improving and supporting the mental wellbeing of staff.


Free Guide to Wellness Action Plans

Download our free guide to Wellness Action Plans (WAPs) to help your staff support their own mental health at work, and start the conversation about mental health with your team.


People managers' guide to mental health

The people manager's guide to mental health will give people managers the information, resources and tools they need to effectively and confidently support employee mental health at work. Being able to spot the warning signs of poor mental health and offer the right support early on can have a significant impact.

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