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Why I set myself the ultimate goal

Thursday, 08 June 2023 Ben

Ben has challenged himself to visit all 92 football league clubs in 92 hours to raise funds for Mind.

As Big Ben struck midnight on December 31st and we ticked over into 2023, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve this year. I was hoping to push myself to complete something seemingly impossible.
I decided that challenge would be to partake in raising money for charity doing something active yet different. I explored many different options, and finally settled on the '92 in 92 Challenge'.
“The opportunity to visit all stadiums in the league pyramid was something I’d enjoy along the way.”

For those unfamiliar, this challenge is a race across the country in which all 92 football league clubs/stadiums (Premier league to league 2) will be visited with a selfie taken outside to prove it within a time span of 92 hours
This challenge suited me because I am obsessed with football. I have grown up and suffered (from) being a Tottenham Hotspur fan, and while I've been to many away games, the opportunity to visit all stadiums in the league pyramid was something I'd enjoy along the way.
What I hadn't considered is the magnitude of this challenge. I only realised it when I started to plan my route. I live in Hertfordshire, and whilst there are a number of clubs locally and in nearby London, I will be visiting Wales on my journey for three clubs, Gloucestershire, Plymouth, and then up to Blackpool and beyond. The realisation that on average I'd have to be at each stadium within the hour, 92 times, suddenly became overwhelming. Especially considering I'd be starting my challenge deep into the night, to avoid the London traffic and visit all 13 stadiums in the capital.
My motivation was gone. This was no longer something I felt I could enjoy. All I could think of was how hard, if not impossible it would be. It was only when I set up my just giving page, that I got the kick up the backside I needed and got buzzing about my challenge again.
“The simple human kindness people showed made me so excited for the challenge ahead.”

Within a week I had hit £1,000 in donations from friends, family and just people who had noticed my challenge on social media. The simple human kindness people showed, made me so excited for the challenge ahead.
The event starts at the end of May, And I’m already halfway to my goal and have every confidence of not just reaching it, but going beyond.

Another reason my motivation increased was due to charity I had chosen to fundraise for Mind. Having suffered badly from mental health issues in recent years, which led to me trying to take my life, I believe the only reason I am still here, in a really good place too – in my life is due to the kind people at Mind. I called in, at 3am, saying I just wanted to fall asleep and not wake up. I was treated with respect, honesty, and a refreshingly fresh mind that showed me life is hard, and people get down, but there is also so much to live for. Over the following months I spoke more with Mind, and they helped me massively on the road to recovery and loving myself.
To raise money for this charity is such a pleasure. I know that there are many out there, feeling at rock bottom as I did, who will have their lives flipped around with the help of Mind. I am proud to be able to help and looking forward to working more with Mind in the future.
Now there is only a month to go till my monumental challenge, from Forest Green to Salford. Lincoln to Colchester, I will be do everything in my power to get to all 92 within the 4 days. I can't wait to report on my success and tell you how much I made for Mind.

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