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What's a mental health story?

Sometimes the best mental health advice we get is not from professionals but from people who've been through the same thing as us.

That's why we want you to share your experience in a mental health story.

A mental health story is simple a vlog (a video blog) made by and starring someone with experience of mental health problems.

It can be about:

  • your everyday life
  • ways you cope
  • a type of treatment that you've found helpful

Unfortunately, we cannot publish book/music/film promotions or creative works such as poems or songs.

If you're unsure your topic is suitable, please do email us at [email protected]

Watch Jess' story on why vlogging can be good for your own mental health as well as for raising awareness.

How to make a mental health story

Step 1: Read this list

It's important that your story fits with the format and style of the rest of the series.

Make sure you follow the below dos and don'ts, or we might be able to publish your story:


  • Send us anything over 4 minutes
  • Include copyrighted material (e.g. music, graphics).
  • Add on-screen text (we can add this in the Mind style if we need to)
  • Add special effects or cutaways
  • Describe specific details or methods of things like self-harm, eating disorders or suicide (see our blogging guidelines on writing safely about mental health)
  • Hold your camera portrait (so your shot is taller than it is wide)

Unfortunately, we cannot publish poetry, music or creative writing.


  • Keep it to about 3 minutes
  • Talk straight to the camera about your personal experience
  • Read our blogging guidelines before you start
  • Record in a quiet and light place, where we can see you and hear you
  • Hold your camera landscape (so the shot is longer than it is high)

Step 2: Find a camera

There's no need for a professional camera. You can use any device you have.

  • Does your phone have a camera?
  • Is there one built into your laptop or desktop computer?
  • Does anyone in your family have one you can borrow?

Step 3: Decide what to say

Putting your personal story online might feel daunting. To find out what you should and shouldn't say, take a look at our information on How to stay safe online.

Are you struggling to come up with what to say? We suggest you read some information on the topic you want to talk about to get inspiration on our Information & support pages.

Once you've come up with a couple of ideas, it might also be helpful to write down what you want to say in a script format. Don't be scared to practice in a mirror before you press record, too!

We'd also love it if you could:

Remember: Just because something seems obvious to you doesn't mean others have thought of it.

Step 4: Find somewhere quiet

Find yourself a quiet place and make your story. It doesn't have to be in your living room or bedroom. As long as you make sure there's enough light for us to see you and it's quiet enough for us to hear you.

Step 5: Get filming

Remember, if you're using your phone, make sure you're holding your camera sideways.

Please don't feel like you have to get it done in one go, have as many tries as you like.

Be yourself: We want to see everyone's personalities!

Step 5: Upload your story

Video are often too big to email, so it might be easier to upload it to a hosting site, like Youtube or Vimeo.

Step 6: Send us your story

Wait! Have you checked your story has kept to the Dos and Dont's?

If the answer to this is yes, then send us your story.

Send us your story

Step 7: Put your feet up

Please wait for us to get in touch. We aim to get back to you with 28 days, but sometimes it might be longer.

If we can publish your story, we will add it to this playlist on our Youtube channel.

Please note that if you have chosen to send your story to us via your channel on Youtube, we will ask you to take it down or make it private. On our blog and Youtube channel, we aim only to publish original content.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

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