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Coping while caring for someone else

If you care for another person, it can feel difficult to take time to look after yourself. On this page, we direct you to our information about experiences of caring, tips for your own mental health and where to find support.

Are you a carer?

You are a carer if you provide any kind of unpaid support or care to someone who is unwell or disabled. This includes people with mental health problems. You don't have to get paid to count as a carer. You could be a carer for a friend or family member.

Read about caring for someone

Recognising difficult feelings

Caring for someone else can affect your mental health and make it harder to stay well. You may experience some difficult feelings.

Learn about difficult feelings

Getting support as a carer

There are many ways to find support as a carer. Find out about support for your mental health, as well as practical help and local support.

Find support options

Tips to look after yourself

Caring for someone else can take a lot of time and energy. But it's important to look after your own wellbeing when you can.

Read self-care tips

Watch Chloe, Ally and Kate talk about what it's like to care for someone and how they look after themselves.

Caring for someone with a mental health problem

If you provide care for someone in any way, the information above may be helpful and relevant to you. However, there may be different challenges when caring for someone with a mental health problem. We explain where to find further information and advice below.

Coping with additional challenges

If you care for someone with a mental health problem, you may face additional challenges. We explain some of these and offer tips that may help.

Read our suggestions

Your social care rights

We explain your legal rights, including the carer's assessment. This information is for adult carers of someone experiencing a mental health problem.

Read about your rights

Specific mental health problems

Whether or not you consider yourself a carer, you might be supporting someone close to you with their mental health. Get tips for family and friends which are relevant to specific mental health problems.

Find specific tips

Kate blogs about what it's like managing her mental health while caring for her husband.

Caring for someone with a mental health condition is hard. The invisibility of the illness can make it feel like you're not a 'real' carer. Trust me: you are.

Support organisations for carers

Whether the person you care for is experiencing a physical or a mental health problem, there is support available for you as a carer. We have a full list of support options for different needs.

See useful contacts for carers

For advice now:

If you feel unable to keep yourself safe, it's a mental health emergency.

Get emergency advice

Support for young carers

If you're a young person caring for someone, see our section on support for young carers and our list of for useful contacts for young carers.

You might also find it useful to visit our mental health information hub for children and young people.

For advice now:

This information was published in April 2021. We will revise it in 2024.

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