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Thanks for registering to switch off and game on for better mental health. In the virtual world, we get multiple lives. But in the real one, we've only got the one. Thousands of us are struggling with our mental health, without knowing where to go for help. Your gaming event could help make sure everyone gets the support they need. Now more than ever.

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Next step - create a fundraising page

Accept your mission and take the next step by setting up a fundraising page today. You have two choices: You can either go classic create a fundraising page on JustGiving or if you prefer the specialised streaming tools on Tiltify you can create a page on there as well.

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Create a Tiltify fundraising page

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Further support

You may be interested to know, World Mental Health Day is coming up, which is happening on October 10th 2020. You may want to use some additional tips and resources to help us celebrate World Mental Health Day within your stream or gaming event. Prioritising mental health has never been more important than it is now. So this year, we want to bring everyone together to Do One Thing to mark World Mental Health Day.

Do one thing today

• Change your Facebook or Twitter cover photo.
• Download an image to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sharing what you’ve done for better mental health.
• Download our template for your Instagram and Facebook stories and encourage others to do the same using the hashtag #DoOneThing
• Download our calendar with ideas for different things you can do each day for better mental health.
• Our visit our webpage to learn more about World Mental Health Day

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