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Stream for Mind resource hub

Everything you need for your fundraising stream.

Here you can find all the resources we have put together for your fundraising stream. This includes our 'in aid of Mind' logo that you can use on your overlay, wait screens for before your challenge starts and break screens for during your challenge. 

Promoting your stream

Ahead of your stream, you'll want to let engage your community and let them know about this amazing challenge you're taking part in. Check out our 'Community Engagement Guide' for tips and example messaging.

Community Engagement Guide

Once you've done that, let everyone know when your challenge is due to take place. Use these templates for posting on your social channels.

Wait & break screens

Before the action starts, use our wait screens to inform your community that the stream will begin soon. When taking a break, you can use our 'taking a break' screen.

Stream starts soon

Taking a break

In-stream content

We've put together some videos, GIFs and images you might want to use in your stream. These would also work great when you're taking a short break. The videos give a bit of information about why your fundraising matters so much. Remember to take regular breaks throughout your stream - it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Join Mind now - 5 second Gif

1 in 4 - 13 second donation video - Keiron

1 in 4 - 13 second donation video - Taz

Side by Side donation video - 17 second

Info booklets donation video - 17 second

Using the Mind brand

You're fundraising for Mind, and you want to let your views know about it. So download our 'in aid of Mind' logo to use at the top of your stream. 

Get the 'In aid of Mind' logo


Want to know more about gaming and streaming for Mind? Check out our frequently asked questions.

Streaming and your wellbeing

It's essential to think about how gaming and streaming can affect your wellbeing. Check out our Streaming and gaming for Mind – your wellbeing guide.

Other ways to get involved

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