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Tips on developing a healthy relationship with physical activity

We know physical activity can be an amazing way to support mental health. However, it isn’t helpful for everyone all the time. It’s important to recognise that some people can develop an unhealthy relationship with physical activity. Anyone can develop an unhealthy relationship with exercise. But this may be more likely if you have certain types of mental health problems.

Working with people with lived experience and professionals who have supported them we have co-produced resources and blogs (see below) to raise awareness of the importance of developing a healthy and balanced relationship with physical activity.

Peer to peer support

In February 2023 we launched two new tags #physicalactivity and #exerciseproblems to Mind’s side by side online platform. Side by Side is an peer to peer support online community where you can listen, share and be heard.

The introduction of these tags provides the opportunity to share experiences around physical activity and speak to like-minded people. It’s free to sign up and profiles can be made anonymously.

Tips on promoting and supporting a healthy relationship with physical activity

Catherine, George, Debbie and Paula share when physical activity may become unhealthy. They talk about how to spot signs, symptoms and signpost to support.

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