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Mental Health and Physical Activity Toolkit

Our Mental Health and Physical Activity Toolkit aims to increase the number of sport, physical activity and mental health providers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to support and engage people experiencing mental health problems in physical activity.

The toolkit is made up of a variety of guides. Each one provides guidance, tools, templates and good practice case studies to help organisations provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for people experiencing mental health problems, to be physically active.

Guide 1: Introduction to mental health

We’ve put together this guide to help anyone working or volunteering in sport and physical activity to support and engage the mental health sector and people experiencing mental health problems.

Click here to access Guide 1

Tools and Templates

The following are tools and templates included in this guide:

Case studies

The following case studies are included in this guide:

Toolkit Glossary 

It is important that your language is as inclusive as possible. We've put together this document to define some of the key terms used within sport, physical activity mental health. See our A-Z mental health page for a longer list of mental health terms.

Click here for our Toolkit Glossary

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