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Mental health champions: a toolkit for the sport and physical activity sector

About the toolkit

With one in four of us experiencing a mental health problem each year, it’s a vital issue to address. But we know it can be hard to start the conversation with coaches and instructors. In fact, almost 70% of people with mental health problems told us they wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about their mental health in a sports setting.

This toolkit is for organisations, clubs and groups in the sport and physical activity sector that want to support the mental health of their members, participants, staff and volunteers. It introduces the idea of mental health champions, and provides guidance on establishing a mental health champions scheme.

Download the full toolkit

Short on time or looking for something in particular?

Explore the toolkit by downloading the four key sections individually.

Section one: Setting up a mental health champions scheme

Section two: Workplace mental health champions

Section three: Community mental health champions

Section four: Support for you and your mental health champions

Tools and resources

Download our tools and editable resources to help you get started.

Annex A: Planning your champions scheme

Annex B: Mental health champions action plan template

Annex C: Template application form

Annex D: Template role descriptions

Annex D (part 2): Template role descriptions

Annex E: Setting and maintaining boundaries

Annex F: How to have conversations around mental health

Annex G: Signposting to support services

Annex H: Self-care

Annex I: Mental health calendar 

Example: England Athletics mental health champions handbook

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