Improving Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Having a mental health problem can be expensive. For many of us it can mean that we need extra support to get to work, to see friends and family and to carrying on living our lives. That’s why benefits like Personal Independence Payment (PIP) can make such a difference. Getting the right support can mean that those of us with mental health problems won’t face a financial penalty when doing the things that are important to us.

Anyone should be treated with dignity and respect when they go for a benefits assessment. That’s not happening at the moment and we’ll be using your stories and experiences to push for change with people in power.

Your stories

“I felt that the assessor saw me when I was fairly well and didn't take into account the change in how I feel. For example, I have bipolar - how I am when I am feeling well is very different to times of crisis. I feel the questions asked were mainly about physical problems so someone with a mental health problem would struggle to meet the criteria.”
“My assessment was with a physiotherapist who was visibly uncomfortable with the details of my self-harming and experiences. It was awful.”

“The money I receive isn't just to help me manage my illness. It is much more than that to me. It enabled me to feel as though I was living as 'normal' a life as possible.”

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Our briefings for policymakers set out the changes to welfare and employment support that could make a real difference for people with mental health problems.

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