Working with universities

Later this year we will launch an exciting new mental health support programme to universities in England and Wales. The programme, which aligns with the whole-university approach set out in UUK's StepChange framework and in the University Mental Health Charter being developed by Student Minds, will focus on equipping students to take care of their mental health throughout university and into the workplace, improving peer support for university staff, and creating positive systemic changes to influence the way universities think and act about mental health.

Who can apply?

Mind is seeking joint partnership applications from universities and local Minds to take part in this programme. Applications must be led and submitted by a lead local Mind, who will be the recipient of a grant funding award to deliver activity at their local university through this programme.

Local Minds should demonstrate:

• Commitment to the goals of the programme
• Experience working with employers / workplace wellbeing
• Experience delivering support to students or young adults
• Relevant training experience
• Understanding of the pressures faced by university communities in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

Universities are asked to support the application with a written statement. This should demonstrate their commitment to the programme and their existing commitment to staff and student mental health.

Find out more and get involved

Local Minds can find further information and guidance on Open Hub. All applications need to be submitted online using the Mind Flexigrant platform.

Universities interested in applying should get in touch with their local Mind to discuss forming a partnership. If you don't have an existing relationship with your local Mind, we can help you make the connection. Just email [email protected].

A full list of local Minds can be found here.  


You can find FAQs for local Minds leading applications here.

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