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Student life and mental health

Student life can be challenging. You may feel lots of pressure to do well academically, or pressure to be sociable. You might be juggling your studies with other family or work commitments. Maybe you're just starting your course or moving away from home for the first time. 

Our student mental health information is for all students aged 18 and over in higher education.

You can:

  • Learn how to cope with the challenges of student life and mental health
  • Read tips on keeping yourself healthy and well during your time as a student
  • Find out where you can get support

About student mental health

Read about some of the challenges you may face as a student. And how you can look after your mental health.

What if I become unwell while I'm a student? 

Learn about your options if you're struggling with your mental health. And who you can talk to.

What mental health support can I get while studying?

Find out about the types of support available to you as a student. And where you can go for support.

How can I prepare for student life?

If you're thinking about studying or you're about to start life as a student, read our tips. They cover planning your healthcare, money and studies. 

How can I cope with the student lifestyle?

Life as a student can be exciting with new experiences. But it's important to look after your mental health. Read some tips to help.

How can I connect with other students?

Meeting new people can be fun, but it's often hard. Read our suggestions to connect with like-minded people. 

For friends and family

Learn how you can support someone who is studying and has a mental health problem. 

What happens when I finish my course?

If you're coming to the end of your course, read how you can prepare for the future. 

Useful contacts

A list of organisations and services that can give you information and support while you're a student.

Exam stress for younger people

We have tips for 11-18 year old students on coping with exam stress at school or college, with advice on where to go for support.

Read our exam stress tips

This page was published in March 2023.

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