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Questionnaires and surveys

If you need to gather feedback from a large group of people, a questionnaire or survey can be a very effective and relatively simple way.


When to use questionnaires

If you need general feedback on a specific subject, or if you're considering changing an activity or service already on offer, questionnaires can be a good way of engaging with people who regularly use it.

Questionnaires and surveys can also be anonymous, which allows for a greater degree of honesty than other methods.

Things to consider with questionnaires and surveys

  • Does your audience have particular language or literacy requirements?
  • How many questions do you need to ask? More than 12 are likely to put people off.
  • Will all of your audience have digital access? Can you provide paper copies?
  • What questions are best to get the response you need? Think about closed versus open questions, and make sure you have a good balance between both types. Think about whether you want to invite comments as well.
  • Are you going to offer incentives for respondents to participate?
  • How are you going to share your survey with enough people to ensure a satisfactory response rate?
  • How will you analyse the results? Think about this when writing it.
  • Think about how you will give feedback on the results and what you will do as a result. Our you said, we did tool is a simple way of doing this and can be shared digitally or with hard copies. You could also create charts or an infographic to represent what you learnt visually.

You said, we did tool

This tool can help you give meaningful feedback to participants in your activity and be clear about the effect their involvement has had.

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