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An interview can work well if you need a personal, in-depth response from participants. It can be effective for gathering personal stories or case studies that you can use in resources.

You can conduct interviews over the phone or face to face. Think about which will be easier for the interviewee to participate in, and for the interviewer to lead.


Things to consider with interviews

  • What skills and experience does the interviewer have?
  • What emotional responses might you expect from interviewees? How will you manage this?
  • Are there any issues around consent? Think about age and capacity. You may need to ask for a consent form from a parent or guardian, and the person taking part. Tell them how you'll use what they say and how much personal information you share.
  • Is confidentiality a consideration? How can you assure interviewees that you have taken the necessary steps to protect their identity or personal data?
  • Make sure you prepare your questions in advance. Keep them as consistent as possible during all interviews, as this will help your analysis later on.
  • Think about how you'll give feedback on the results and what you'll do as a result. Our you 'said we did' tool is a simple way of doing this. You can share it digitally or as hard copies. You may want to create charts or an infographic to represent what you learnt visually.


The you said, we did tool can help you give meaningful feedback to participants in your activity and be clear about the effect their involvement had.

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