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Awarded to an individual journalist (print, broadcast or online) who has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of mental health issues. Shortlisters originated in the UK and were published or broadcast from the UK. Entries were either a body of work from across the year, or an individual article which demonstrates significant research or investigative journalism.

Winner: Hannah Jane Parkinson

The Guardian

Hannah's article, It's Nothing Like a Broken Leg, suggests that the conversation around mental health problems has perhaps somehow lost its way. Hannah explores the complexities of mental health problems, diagnosis and treatment to demonstrate that no one person, viewpoint or narrative can monopolise the topic.

It's important that people who have a mental health illness and people who go through periods of bad mental health are not all lumped together, and that people with mental problems are not just viewed as their illness.

Shortlisted entries

Catherine Jones

5 News

Catherine Jones has pursued a series of stories about failings in the mental healthcare system and the ongoing struggles people have in accessing treatment they need. Her hard work has resulted in exclusives that reveal the extent of the crisis in NHS and private care.

Frances Ryan

The Guardian

Frances Ryan presents a range of pieces which highlight how government policy is affecting Britain's mental health. Examples of her work include reports on disabled people becoming suicidal or taking their own life after losing their social security, as well as disabled people whose depression and anxiety has worsened after being falsely reported for benefit fraud.

India Rakusen

BBC Like Minds

Journalist and presenter India Rakusen launched BBC Like Minds, an ongoing film series about mental health, with the aim of tackling the little moments in life that are made harder by our minds. Built into the films are personal stories, news and advice from experts and the audience - all to help people face the day or just the next five minutes.

Tamsyn Kent

BBC Newsbeat

Tamsyn produced radio documentaries for the year-long My Mind and Me social action campaign, aimed at encouraging young people to explore their mental health. My Mind and Me was Newsbeat's most ambitious mental health project ever, during which they followed the lives of six young people living with mental health problems.

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