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Virgin Money Giving Mind Media Awards 2017

Student Journalist in memory of Anna Sargent winner

Robin Brinkworth - The Tab's 2016 University Health Rankings

In 2016, The Tab released their first ranking of UK University mental health services. The investigation was based on a survey of 12,000 people. The ranking aims to show how mental health problems affect huge numbers of students, and how universities are failing to keep up with the demand.

Shortlisted entries

Mind and the award judges would like to give special thanks to the other entrants:

Varsity - Investigating Intermissions: sick students failed by university guidance

When students at the University of Cambridge 'intermit' (taking an authorised absence from their course), it is usually intended to help them overcome serious issues related to physical or mental health. However, a stigma has persisted around this and Louis's investigation explores some of the issues facing these students.

Anna Johnston, Robert Greene, Ross Miklaszewicz - Suicide: What's Going on with Men?

Suicide: What's Going on with Men? is a short documentary that explores the reasons why suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK and what is being done to prevent male suicide.

Layla Wright - Crisis on Campus

Crisis on Campus examines the untold story of student mental health and the rising rate of student suicide. Layla looks at the reasons why students are struggling to cope such as homesickness, debt and academic pressure then considers what can be done about it.

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