Flexible and fair sick pay

We should all be able to take time off work when we are unwell. But those of us with mental health problems face a sick pay system that risks plunging us into poverty and pushing us out of work altogether.

Currently, Statutory Sick Pay is just £94.25 a week, leaving us with the impossible choice between taking care of our mental health and being able to pay bills or buy food. No-one should pay such a high price for having to take time off sick for their mental health. 

We’re calling for a system where we can all receive sick pay from the first day we’re off sick, which equals the minimum wage and is available up to a year.

Together with Scope, we have written an open letter to the Government calling for a modern sick pay system that’s flexible and fair. 

Will you sign too?

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The reality

Statutory Sick Pay is the legal minimum employers must pay us when we’re off sick.

It is currently £94.25 a week. – less than a third of the £328.40 a week you’d be paid from 40 hours at the minimum wage and just a fifth of average weekly earnings of £497. Could you make ends meet?

Sign our letter to the UK Government calling for a modern sick pay system that’s flexible and fair.

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Allanah's story

Allanah shares her experience of Statory Sick Pay and why she thinks the law needs to be changed. 

We believe that everyone should have access to a fair amount of sick pay, from day one, and year round.

Do you have an experience similar to Allanah's and would like to blog for us? Get in touch at [email protected] 

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