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Stories from others

While nobody will know exactly how you feel right now, you are never alone in this experience. This is where you can hear other people talk about their own experiences and what helped them to get through it. 

It’s important to remember that everyone’s reactions can be different. If you see something that upsets you, navigate away from it, read something else or try a different activity.

I want to try...


The Mind blog is a great place to find out about how people have dealt with their mental health problems, what their experiences of services have been, and how they are managing now

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Elefriends is an anonymous network where people can share experiences, support each other and be themselves. We asked some of the members to tell us their story, and included some snippets from supportive conversations.

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The internet is full of stories from people all around the world including documentaries, vlogs and blogs

> Here's a selection to help you find out new coping tips, learn about what you're going through and feel more connected