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Back in 2013 we released a series of podcasts with Mind ambassador and Heart FM DJ Matt Wilkinson. They were hugely successful with nearly 900,000 listens.

Now we're launching it again!

Every two weeks we'll be hearing directly from people about what it's really like to live with mental health problems.

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Episode 1: Christina's story

Matt Wilkinson from Heart FM talks to Christina about living with depression.

The word 'depression' is totally inadequate to describe the absolute hell of what depression, depression illness really is.

Christina talks about feeling isolated, experiencing dissociation and anxiety, and how things got so bad that she considered taking her own life.

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Episode 2 - Reka's story


Reka talks to Matt about the multiple episodes of psychosis she has been through, and how they were different.

To me psychosis means losing touch with reality. It means seeing, feeling, believing, hearing things that are not ‘normal reality’, that ‘normal people’ can hear, see or feel.

She describes what it was like to be under a community treatment order (CTO) and why she has decided not to take antipsychotics.

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Episode 3 - Siobhan's story

Siobhan talks to Matt about how living with bipolar has affected her life including her work, her role as a parent and the treatment and support she has received.

You feel fantastic. You think you can move mountains, you can run marathons, that you have the best ideas in the world... But of course what happens is your body starts to get very tired. 

She also talks about the importance of sleep in keep her mood steady.

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Episode 4 - Rachel's story




Rachel and Matt talk about her use of crisis services and the differences between London and Manchester.

For me, really, it’s whether or not I feel as if I am at risk of committing suicide, but everyone has their own way of describing crisis; it means different things for everyone.

She also tells us how she thinks crisis services could be improved.

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Episode 5 - Faisal's story

Fasial talks to us about how difficult it was to get help for, what eventually was diagnosed as, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

I felt like I was on my own, who was going to understand me?

He explains why he didn't want to tell his family, or his university at the time and talked first to his GP and what enables him to be able to manage his intrusive thoughts day to day.

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Episode 6 - Clarissa's story


Clarissa describes her experience of being in traditional inpatient care and in a therapeutic community.

It's just such an open environment but it is open enough for you to still feel safe and to feel held.

She also tells us how her writing and creativity have helped her with her mental health and shares a poem with us. 

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Episode 6 - Bryony's story

Bryony talks about the challenges of being a full time carer and managing her bipolar disorder.

It’s definitely just the feeling of a gradual sort of mini tornado inside you that’s spiralling, or beginning to spiral out of control.

She tells us how she copes day to day, including having her own time at the gym and getting creative in the kitchen.

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Episode 8 - Sarah's story

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Sarah explains how she developed seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and what it's like living with it day to day.

When that time of year comes around, the October/November time of year... I feel that things get on top of me more easily. I feel more irritable. I get angry more easily. I feel more hopeless.

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Episode 9 - Tim's story

Tim explains how he manages his mental health with the food eats.

I’d always thought of food as obviously nutrition, but also probably without realising it also as a kind of comfort thing and as an emotional support.

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