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Information for parents, carers, family members and guardians

This information is for parents, carers, family members and guardians supporting a young person with their mental health and wellbeing.

How we can help

This information is for parents, carers, family members and guardians of a young person. You might be:

We know that supporting a young person can feel really worrying. You might be feeling overwhelmed, scared or unsure what you should do.

You're not alone – we're here to offer information to help you and the young person you're supporting.

Supporting a young person

How to be supportive to others​>

Find out what you could do to show your support to someone experiencing a mental health problem, for both adults and young people.

Helping someone to seek help>

If someone is looking into professional help, find out how you can offer them emotional and practical support, for both adults and young people.

Mental health information for young people>

Information for young people aged 11 to 18 – this can help you understand their experience, their support options and their rights.

Supporting students>

Information on how you can help to support a young person over 18 with their mental health while they're studying at college or university.

Supporting a young person during coronavirus>

A guide on how you can support 11 to 18 year olds if you're feeling worried about their mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Useful contacts>

If you need more support for a young person or yourself, find details of helpful organisations and types of support available.

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Talking to young people about mental health>

A guide on how you can talk to a young person about how they're feeling or what they're experiencing with their mental health.

“Honest discussion is important. Being honest with myself and my daughter and being mindful not to be judgemental.”

Looking after yourself

Coping while caring for someone else>

If you care for a young person or adult, this information hub offers guidance on feelings and experiences, looking after yourself and finding support.

Parenting with a mental health problem>

A guide for parents on how your mental health problem might affect you, ways to help yourself and your children, plus where to find support.

Side by Side>

Mind's online community where you can connect with others who might have similar experiences with their mental health, or who are supporting a young person.

“The best thing was the feeling that I was not alone in my experiences.”

Bupa Foundation Partnership

Our information for children and young people has been developed with funding from the Bupa Foundation.

To find out more, visit our page on the Bupa Foundation and Mind partnership.

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