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Psychiatric medication

Explains what psychiatric drugs are, what to know before taking them, and information on side effects and coming off medication.

Can I buy medication online?

A properly registered internet pharmacy will only supply prescription drugs if both:

  • you have a prescription from a legitimate prescriber, and
  • the prescription is made out specifically for you.

Before buying any kind of medication from an internet pharmacy, you should make sure it carries the General Pharmaceutical Council's registration logo, including a registration number, like this:

You can make sure that the logo is being used legitimately by checking the registration number is listed correctly on the pharmacy regulation body's online register.

Since July 2015, it has been mandatory for all online pharmacies operating in the EU to show the following logo:

Distance Selling logo for Internet Pharmacies - shows white cross on striped green background and Union Jack. Caption reads: "Click to verify if this website is operating legally"

What if I don't have a prescription from a doctor?

Buying prescription medication on the internet without a doctor's prescription is extremely unwise and can be very dangerous.

You risk getting a drug that:

  • hasn't been manufactured properly or hygienically
  • is contaminated
  • isn't the correct dosage
  • contains a completely different substance to what you were expecting.

You should not trust any website that sells prescription drugs without a legitimate prescription.

This information was published in 2016.

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