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If this speaks to you, speak to us: making the films

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 we used spoken word to show how people talk about their mental health.

Spoken word artists paired up with people with experience of mental health problems. Together, they made a piece of spoken word that brought their story to life.

The idea was to challenge the way we think and talk about mental health problems. And encourage more people to get support – whatever their experience.

Mel's story

Wrexham-based Mind media volunteer Mel worked with James, lead singer from Leeds rock band, Yard Act. James worked with Mel to bring to life Mel’s experience with eating disorders and other mental health problems. Here she shares her experience of the project.

Read Mel's story

Rohan's story

Mind media volunteer and trustee Rohan worked with Croydon songwriter Jords to share his experience of bipolar.

Rohan tell us what it was like working with Jords, and how he feels being part of this campaign.

Read Rohan's story

James and Jords: the creative process

James and Jords share why they got involved in this project and how the creative process was for them.

Jords turned Rohan's story into a spoken word piece. In this video, he explains how he got to know Rohan and wrote the piece.

James turned Mel's story into spoken word poetry. In this video, he talks about meeting Mel for the first time and getting to write about her experience.

Telling Gethin's story

Adwaith and Gethin share why they got involved in this project and how important it is to talk about mental health.

Adwaith helped to tell Gethin's story through spoken word. In this video, Gethin talks more about his mental health experience and what it was like to be part of this campaign.

The 3 members of Adwaith, a Welsh band, talk about working with Gethin to create a piece of spoken word poetry.

Share your story

Reading other people’s stories can change the way we feel and make us feel less alone. Would you like to share your story like Mel, Rohan and Gethin? Find out more about blogging and vlogging for us.

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