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Connect – hold a Feel Good bake sale

Connecting with others can help us feel close to people, and valued for who we are. What better way to connect with others than through a feel good bake? This is a great way to raise funds for Mind while engaging with others.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you put on a Feel Good bake sale.

1. Plan ahead

  • Choose a suitable location for your bake sale. Consider high-traffic areas like university, community centres, or outside local businesses (with permission).

  • Set a date and time for the event – ideally within Feel Good Fortnight between the 1 and 14 April.

  • Create your JustGiving page so people can donate online as well as in person. If you get an early first donation (or self-donate), we will send you a thank you Mind top that you can wear at your bake sale.

  • Create your Feel Good bake sale menu – popular favourites such as cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies, bread, cupcakes, and savoury snacks are always a winner!

  • Think about dietary restrictions and maybe include gluten-free, vegan or nut-free options.

2. Promote your bake sale

  • Use social media platforms, posters, and word of mouth. Use our social media assets to help spread the message.

  • Use our poster template to tell people the date, time, location and how they’re supporting mental health through this bake sale.

3. Gather supplies

  • What do you need to make this a success? You might need tables, tablecloths, signage, plates, napkins, maybe even a volunteer to help you out!

  • Download our DIY Mind-themed bunting for decoration.

  • Make sure you have enough change and a secure cash box for payments.

  • Price your items and have ingredient information handy for those with special dietary needs.

  • Create a sign or share your QR code to direct people to your JustGiving page. Alternatively, send the link to your page around in advance!

4. During your bake sale

  • Thank each and every person who donates to your sale.

  • Use these moments to connect and let them know through their support they are fighting for better mental health.

5. After the bake sale

  • Feel good about the connections you have made through your bake sale.

  • Do good by banking any cash donations and adding them to your JustGiving page as soon as possible. If you've not got a JustGiving page, you can pay those donations in here instead. Check out this page here for more options for paying in fundraising.

  • Post about your bake sale success on social media with your JustGiving link – maybe anyone who missed it will make a last moment donation.

  • As a thank you we will send a Mind tote bag to anyone who raises over £50.

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