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Feelings and experiences – for 11-18 year olds 

Information and resources about feelings and experiences you might be having.

How we can help

We can all have feelings, or go through experiences, that can be hard to deal with.

But if these feelings and experiences last for a long time, or get worse, it can be really scary and upsetting.

Our information and tips pages will help you understand what's happening, ways to cope and how to get help.

Things do get better. It can feel so lonely and scary, but you're not alone.

Your feelings

Information for when you're struggling with how you're feeling and want to understand why.

Confidence and self-esteem

Information about confidence and self-esteem and how they can affect us.

Tips for building confidence and self-esteem

Tips and ideas to help you feel better about yourself.

Coping with self-harm

Information on self-harm, how to help yourself and where to go for support.

Tips for coping with self-harm

Tips and ideas on coping with self-harm, including tips from young people.

Dealing with anger

Information on anger, with advice on how to manage it and where to go for support.

Tips for dealing with anger

Tips and ideas on dealing with anger, for helping you now and in the long term.

Exam stress

Information for young people on exam stress, with advice on how to cope and where to go for support.

Tips for coping with exam stress

Tips and ideas on how to cope with stress before, during and after your exams.

Sleep and mental health

Information on the link between sleep and mental health, and where to go for support.

Tips to improve your sleep

Tips and ideas on how to improve your sleep at the moment and in the long term.

Useful contacts

If you need more support, there are a number of organisations you can contact online and by phone or text.

You can overcome and learn to live with mental health issues. Part of that process is identifying the problem and finding help to deal with it – Sophie, 17

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