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Mental Health in Elite Sport

Back in 2014, we looked at the mental health support available for sports people. A lot has changed since then.

Today, attitudes have moved on and sports organisations are doing more to help. Athletes are speaking out, sports offer a wide range of professional mental health support, and there’s mental health training for staff. Our report, Mental Health in Elite Sport, shows some of the great work sports have been doing. But there’s still more to do. We’ve spoken to people across sport, and listened to athletes who’ve spoken out in the media. Now you can hear what they have to say.

Mental Health in Elite Sport report

Our report shows how attitudes towards mental health have changed and the great work sports have been doing.

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A short snapshot of the journey we have been on as a sector.

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Performance Matters in Elite Sport

Our original report exploring mental health in elite sport, published in 2014.

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"Even with the medal targets, there’s also a need to get the best out of people. We know that to get the best out of people they need to be functioning well and they need to be looking after their mental health."

- British Swimming interviewee

Special thanks to  ASICS (who paid for the research) and Fiveways (who did the research)

ASICS was founded more than 70 years ago with the belief that sport had a benefit not just on the body, but also on the mind. It’s why ASICS is called ASICS. It’s an acronym for the Latin “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano” or “a Sound Mind in a Sound Body”. We believe our founding purpose is more relevant today than ever before. That’s why our partnership with Mind is so important to us. Together we aim to support more people to increase their mental health by becoming physically active.

Fiveways provides the insight for voluntary and community organisations to maximise their impact. We specialise in audience research and all forms of programme evaluation.

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