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Involvement opportunities 


Our communities and peer support team sometimes has opportunities for you to get involved with our work. 

Some recent examples of ways people with lived experience have shaped our work include:

Current opportunities

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month: working group

For Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Awareness Month, we are looking for 4 people to shape our work. You will help us create, design and run events, workshops and other activities, drawing on your experiences of the borderline personality disorder diagnosis. These might be internal (for example, through intranet posts or talks to Mind staff), external on behalf of Mind (for example, blog posts or podcasts), or through your own independent activity

These events will aim to address the stigma surrounding borderline personality disorder and how we can work together to dismantle it. 

This could be anything from panel discussions to written blogs, interviews, or Lunch and Learn sessions. It's important to us that this group leads our events and brings their own ideas to this project. 

We understand that everyone has completely different experiences and views on borderline personality disorder. It can be a contentious diagnosis. We welcome all of these perspectives and encourage those who deliver the activities to lead with authenticity and openness.  

What does this opportunity involve?  

This opportunity will involve:

  • 3 to 4 online Zoom group meetings
  • Time spent planning, corresponding over email and organising logistics
  • Time spent running activities

In the meetings you will be sharing your ideas, connecting with other people in this field, collaborating with each other, and feeding back to Mind. 

We will also offer time and space for you to reflect on the work and get support from Mind staff.  

Overall, we estimate that it will be 2 full days of work. 

What themes are we interested in? 

We acknowledge that our previous work on Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month has lacked representation. We're looking to change that from this year forward.

We want to speak about a range of experiences and from a range of perspectives. Therefore, we're particularly interested in exploring the relationship between borderline personality disorder and the following experiences: 

  • Being transgender 
  • Being a man 
  • Being a young person 
  • Being a person of colour

If your work does not address these themes, we still encourage you to contact us at [email protected] so we can involve you in future opportunities.  

What will I get out of this opportunity? 

You'll get £230 for each day worked, and we will cover any travel expenses incurred. 

We'll also:

  • Help you in develop your ideas
  • Offer admin support
  • Give you the opportunity to meet and network with others working in this area
  • Encourage you to explore your creativity, develop project management skills, and create impactful anti-stigma content

After Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month, we hope to maintain this relationship with you and share opportunities with you whenever we can. 

How do I get involved?  

To get involved please send the following to [email protected] by 20 March 2023:  

  • A short summary of your ideas (150 words max). For example: the format of your activity, the topic you will be covering, the audience you have in mind, and a rough timeline. 
  • Details of any previous experience you've had addressing mental health stigma (100 words max).

If you would prefer to send this via voice memo (5 min max) please send this to 07974 153444.  

We will respond to you by 27 March 2023. If you need any support in completing these questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]  

How we will select a group of people 

We will be forming a group of 4 people based on the strength of your idea, your experience addressing mental health stigma, and your connection with the themes we're focusing on this year.  

Unfortunately, we will not be able to work with everyone who would like to get involved. 

Peer Leadership Development Programme

Mind's communities team is working with NHS England to create an opportunity for Mind members to access training on peer leadership in the context of personalised care. This involves taking part in an online programme focused on understanding personalised care. Then, using your understanding to help others, and eventually developing skills to support other peer leaders.

You can find more information on personalised care on the NHS website.

What is the Peer Leadership Development Programme?

The Peer Leadership Development programme is run by NHS England in partnership with Future Learn, an accessible online learning platform. It focuses on personalised care, a model that is designed to give people more power, choice and control over the care they receive. It explores what personalised care is, as well as helping you develop your peer leadership skills to make change.

There are 4 levels to the programme.

  • Level 1 helps you improve your own situation through a better understanding of personalised care
  • Level 2 focuses on peer leadership, and how you can help other people benefit from personalised care
  • Level 3 builds on this through facilitated live group discussions
  • Level 4 focuses on peer leader facilitation skills, developing your ability to support other peer leaders.

Levels 1 and 2 are all delivered online and you can take modules at your own pace. Levels 3 and 4 are delivered in a blended format. Some of the content will be delivered online and some delivered through live sessions. During these sessions you can discuss your learnings and reflections with others. In weeks 5 to 8 of level 3, you'll need to attend a weekly, online session from 10am to 3pm.

The course is not strictly related to mental health, and has been completed by peer leaders in all areas of health. However, those completing the programme through Mind will be focused on mental health. This will be the focus of discussions in the level 3 and 4 live sessions.

You will start at the first stage – level 1 – and will work with fellow Mind members as part of the same cohort on FutureLearn. If you decide to advance to levels 3 and 4, you will be part of a group made up of fellow Mind members.

Who can apply?

Anybody with lived experience who is interested in learning more about personalised care and who wants to develop their peer leadership skills.

What will I get out of it?

You will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of personalised care in the NHS
  • A deeper understanding of peer leadership and being a peer leader
  • The chance to meet and discuss your lived experience and knowledge with others
  • A certificate of participation

What can I do with the learning I gain?

You can:

  • Advocate for yourself and others within the context of the NHS
  • Apply your skills to other areas of peer leadership, peer support, or lived experience leadership
  • Join a community of other Mind members who have completed the training, and have access to further opportunities to develop Peer Leadership training

How can I apply?

To apply and for more information please email [email protected] 

Don't forget you can sign up for updates on opportunities by contacting [email protected]

For further lived experience opportunities, you can also sign up for the Lived experience newsletter.

Other ways to get involved

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