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Creating a mentally healthy hybrid workplace

Hybrid working means a mixture of working from an office or workplace, and working from another setting, like home. On this page, you'll find some tips on how to make sure you're creating a mentally healthy hybrid working environment. 

Is hybrid working good for mental health?

There are many benefits to hybrid working. Some people find it improves their work life balance. With no commute, some employees find they have more leisure time.  This can sometimes encourage people to stay in their job for longer, and get more satisfaction from it.

But hybrid working means that we might not see our colleagues or teams as often as if we worked in the same place, all the time. And this can have an impact on our mental health.

Be clear on what hybrid working is

Make sure you're clear with staff on what you mean by hybrid working. You could talk to your team members about the tasks they think are best done in an office, and which ones they can do at home. You could plan your days in the office around this.

Manage their expectations about how many days they're expected to be in the office. This can help prevent confusion, and gives them chance to plan their days. This can help with feeling in control and on top of work. 

Help build connections

Loneliness and isolation can have a huge impact on our mental health. If you work in a hybrid way, it's important to make sure you connect with your other team members and colleagues.

You may want to consider team days where everyone can be in the office together. On these days, you could:

  • Catch up and work on a project together
  • Have meetings which are better done in person, like collaborative or creative workshops
  • Book in a team lunch 
  • Do a team activity after work

Different solutions will work for everyone – so don't be afraid of trying different ways of hybrid working, to see what fits best for you.

Upskill your managers

Managing in a remote or hybrid working environment is different to managing people face to face. If you can, offer some extra training to line managers around mental health and wellbeing.

Encourage managers to check in with their employees face to face where they can, and to remember to ask how they’re doing when they are working from home.

We have online learning courses for managers on how to support employee mental health.

Check out our eLearning courses

Make time to check-in

Whether you work in the office, are an entirely remote organisation or have a hybrid working arrangement, always make sure you make time to check in with your staff on how they're doing.

You could carry out staff surveys, ask line managers to check in with their staff, and encourage a culture where people feel they can speak up if they are struggling with their mental health.

We have loads more information on how to support staff with their mental health, whether you work in a hybrid way, from a workplace, or fully remotely.

Read more about supporting your staff

Useful resources for improving workplace wellbeing

Sign up to our Workplace Wellbeing Index, and you can get a detailed report of what you're doing well for staff mental health, and recommendations for where to improve. 

Go to the Index

We run training courses on Zoom and from workplaces to boost mental health awareness. We have lots of courses, including supporting others and managing mental health.

See our training

We have eLearning courses for managers and staff on managing mental health at work and mental health awareness. Do them at a time to suit you, and they're in English and Welsh.

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