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Are you struggling at work and need some support with your wellbeing? An employer or HR professional looking to improve wellbeing in your workplace? Maybe you're looking to partner with Mind? We can help!

I want mental health support for me or my colleague

You've come to the right place. We've got lots of information and resources on how to look after yourself and your staff.

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I want to improve mental wellbeing in my organisation

Great! We've got loads of ways you can do that, from taking part in our Workplace Wellbeing Index, to training and consultancy.

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I want my company to partner with Mind

It's great you're thinking about partnering with us. Find out how we work with corporate partners, and who we're working with.

Corporate partners

How to create a workplace where your people can thrive

We can support you to create a mentally healthy workplace. Here's how.

Workplace Wellbeing Index

Our Workplace Wellbeing Index is a benchmark of best practice. It celebrates the good work you're doing. And it gives recommendations for areas to improve.


Want to boost mental health awareness in your workplace? We've got expert-led Zoom sessions, online courses, or face-to-face training in your workplace - whatever works best for you.


If you're looking for bespoke mental health support for your workplace, we can work with you to create it. Training, talks or resources – whatever you need to fit your organisation.

Get a Snapshot of your workplace's wellbeing

The Snapshot gives an overview of your employees' wellbeing. Staff take a 5-minute survey, and you'll have the results in weeks.

Mental health at work website

From ideas for improving the workplace culture, to support for line managers, Mental Health at Work has loads of resources, toolkits and case studies to help you create a mentally healthy workplace.

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Want more information about our services?

Our workplace wellbeing brochure has an overview of all the products and services we offer.

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Why is staff wellbeing so important?

Valued employees are more productive, stay with organisations longer, and deliver better outcomes.

For every £1 invested in workplace mental health, we see a £5.30 return in investment.

70% of employees say they've experienced poor mental health in their lives.

Why work with Mind?

We're the experts in workplace wellbeing. Here's why.

  • We're the leading mental health charity in England and Wales. We bring 75 years of mental health expertise and experience to our services.
  • People with lived experience of mental health problems drive everything we do. We listen to their needs and make sure their experiences guide our work.
  • More than 9 in 10 clients are satisfied with Mind’s services. And they'd recommend us to other organisations.
  • We reinvest all our income into our charitable work. So by working with us, you’re also supporting our mission to improve mental health across England and Wales.

Support tailored to your industry

Do you work in music or journalism? We've got sector-specific guides to support you and your colleagues with your wellbeing at work.

Wellbeing for journalists

3 guides, created with the Headlines Network, to help you manage your mental health and support colleagues in the newsroom.

Wellbeing in the music industry

4 guides to help employers support those working in the electronic music industry with their mental health at work. We've worked with organisations including Ninja Tune, Paradigm, Percolate and POLY to create these guides.

Other ways to get involved

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