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Thank you to our R.E.D January 2018 team!

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We're proud to have teamed up with R.E.D January as their official charity partner for 2018.    

You've kick-started your year in a positive way and helped to raise awareness, vital funds and opened up the conversation about mental health and we thank you for it. 

Every penny you've raised will help fund our vital work such as the Mind Infoline, our information and advice services, as well as the campaigning we do to make sure everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.                                                 

It costs us £6 to answer one call to the Mind Infoline, our expert helpline for anyone needing advice and support about mental health problems.    

An incredible 22,930 people signed up for R.E.D January 2018 raising £764,530.                

This amazing amount equates to 127,421 infoline calls answered.


Pete's R.E.D January thank you!

Fellow REDer, Pete, called the infoline last year when he needed help. Pete has continued to support Mind since and knows how important this service is. 

He's recorded a special video message of thanks to you all and we'd love for you to watch it.                

Read our infographic to see how your donations will make a difference across all of Minds services.

What it means to be a REDer:

Quotes from REDers 

“I’m definitely not untouchable to life’s chaos, but my new found resilience and fitness therapy coping strategies to help support my mental health, is something I’m incredible proud of" REDer, Louise - as pictured.

“For the first time ever, I’ve actually enjoyed January” REDer, Sam

“This was my first R.E.D but it certainly won’t be my last.” REDer, Pam

“Doing R.E.D was the boost I needed to get myself back out there again, and today, the first time in months, I actually managed a 5k again!” REDer, Seetal 

“By the time I got home my mood had completely changed from sad to cheerful, feeling energetic and ready to do homework with my eldest. That is why I will continue walking and running. Very powerful!” REDer, Emily

“Too busy to exercise? That used to be my excuse.” REDer, James

“Little did I know how much this challenge would help me!” REDer, Rob

“Thanks to the confidence I’ve built up during R.E.D, I’ve just signed up to my first ever parkrun!” REDer, Simon 

“This morning I did something I’ve never done in my 38 years, I ran on my birthday” REDer, Louise

“Surely this has to be the best bunch of people on the planet?!” REDer, Jon 

Any questions?

You might find your answer in our FAQs.


We'll be back next year and very much look forward to joining fitness forces with you. Thank you from the team at Mind and R.E.D.

Registration for 2019 will open later this year, date TBC.    



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