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Statement on Stephen Fry's comments

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 Mind

Wednesday April 13: Update with statement from Stephen Fry
Following media coverage of remarks made by our president Stephen Fry in a recent TV interview, Mind made the following statement.

“Abuse is incredibly serious and can have devastating consequences for survivors, particularly for their life long mental health. We would urge anyone who has experienced abuse of any kind to reach out and seek support.

We understand why some people may have been upset by Stephen Fry’s remarks in a recent American TV interview. Stephen was speaking in a personal context, giving his own views as part of a longer discussion on the subject of freedom of speech.

As President of Mind, Stephen Fry has done a huge amount to raise awareness and understanding about bipolar disorder and other mental health problems. He has supported Mind in our campaigning activities over the last decade and has helped enormously to change public attitudes in the UK about mental health for the better. We will be speaking to Stephen to discuss the concerns our supporters have raised.”

Stephen has since made the following statement himself:

“It distresses me greatly to think that I have upset anyone in the course of the TV interview I had with David Rubin the other week. I of course apologise unreservedly for hurting feelings the way I did . That was never my purpose. There are few experiences more terrible, traumatic and horrifying than rape and abuse and if I gave the impression that I belittled those crimes and the effects they have on their victims then I am so so sorry. It seems I must have utterly failed to get across what I was actually trying to say and instead offended and upset people who didn’t deserve to be offended or upset.”



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