Report shows urgent need for 24/7 A&E mental health care


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Posted on 23/11/2018

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) has released a report into the provision of mental health care to patients presenting at emergency departments.

Responding to the findings, Geoff Heyes, Head of Health Policy and Influencing at Mind, said:


“The HSIB report highlights the ongoing inequality in emergency departments between how our physical and mental health is treated. When someone arrives at A&E in crisis it should be treated with the same level of priority as a physical health emergency. It’s appalling that some people end up taking their own lives because they don’t get the support they need when they are at their most vulnerable, despite having repeatedly asked for help from mental health services.


“The report shows the importance of ensuring 24/7 mental health liaison services are fully-resourced and available at every A&E. With the NHS long-term plan imminent, we need to see mental health at the heart of the strategy, and a renewed commitment to making sure mental and physical health are treated equally.”


Read the HSIB report



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