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Peter Hook & The Light to play for Mind

Friday, 30 May 2014 Mind

Legendary bassist Peter Hook, has announced he’ll raise money for Mind, through special Manchester & London Concerts in September 2014.


Peter Hook & The Light are to perform their debut concerts of New Order’s “Low Life” and “Brotherhood” along with the singles, b-sides and all album tracks from the band, 1983 to 1987, “From Confusion To True Faith”. The first ever performances take place at The Ritz, Manchester, Thursday 25th September and Shepherd’s Bush Empire London, Saturday 27th September. Ticket prices will include a donation to Mind.

Peter Hook has been a long-term supporter of Mind, donating a portion of ticket sales from many gigs over the years. In an exclusive interview for Mind Membership magazine in 2013, he explained why he feels so passionately about the charity.

On supporting Mind…

As a young man I was deeply affected when Ian Curtis, our lead singer, friend and colleague took his own life, so I’m happy to support Mind because the tragedy touched all of us who were around Ian. I find it of great benefit to make people aware of the problems, which can be all too common, and for which people can often be very reticent about seeking help. I hope that the concerts with Mind have helped in their own small way, lending the charity some exposure and boosting donations. I just hope it assists Mind to do the work that they do and also that it might help some poor kid who’s sat there, like Ian was, in need of help.               

On the past…

Ian was very ill with epilepsy when we were recording the Closer album. I think that the understanding of epilepsy has advanced over the years – when Grant Gee was making the Joy Division documentary, Ian’s prescription from back then were given to a doctor nowadays who said that the dosages of what he was taking would have given him great difficulties and mood swings.

On the stats about suicide...

The startling statistic that mental health problems were the biggest killer of men between the ages of 18 and 27 really shook me when I found out. While I might have gone through a mixed up childhood in my view, I realised that some people have bigger problems than me, so it’s great to then be able to support something that focuses on helping to reduce this statistic.

On getting help…

I think it’s a lot easier for people with mental health problems to get help these days because therapy and support are much more accessible, and understanding of these issues is much more widespread. People are a lot more open about the issues involved and the problems that mental health can bring than they could be or were in the past. I think particularly for men, in the past they were unable to open up about their problems through fear. The understanding and acceptance that mental health issues are a widespread problem means that hopefully the situation has changed for the better.

On managing his own mental wellbeing…

Easy, I annoy my wife and kids, walk the dog and go to the gym.

On reducing the stigma still attached to mental health problems…

Really I think Mind is doing a good job and I’m happy that the charity has such a positive image and has done great work in combating the stigma attached to mental health. It’s about exposure really and making people realise that these issues are a normal part of life. Mental health is a part of depression whereas depression is almost seen about a part of normal life nowadays. To me it’s all about increased education and awareness and anything that I can do to help that, especially with how the issues have affected my life and career, I find very rewarding.


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